Sleep at Peace

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Purple candle
  • Blue silk bag
  • Lavender (The herb, NOT the flower)
  • Clear Quartz
  • ''Good Fortune'' oil

Do you keep waking up at night which is preventing you from sleep? Perhaps you're having nightmares lately? Well, cast this spell and watch as you have a really nice sleep and good dreams. You can get the ingredients at any occult store such as ''Nature's Emporium''.

Casting Instructions for 'Sleep at Peace'

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1) In the bag, put have the Lavender herbs inside. Then place the Clear Quartz within the center of the herbs (Like stuffing it in there). This will amplify the energy of the Lavender. Then, pour only A LITTLE bit of the oil to prevent nightmares and awakening from your sleep. Make sure you don't get the oil on your skin.
2) Close and tie the bag and shake it a bit so everything blends.
3) Place the bag in front of the candle.
4) Chant:
"Goddess of the moon, hear my plea, let no harm in my sleep come to me.
For I have been having trouble sleeping, I wish to have a peaceful sleep. With no awakening until the morning, a goodnight rest I wish to have. In my dreams, I only want peace. With no nightmares that'll scare me awake. So mote it be." (x2)
5) Blow out the candle.
6) Hold the bag as you sleep, make sure you can smell the Lavender to calm you to sleep.

Message me if this works please and thank you, Blessed be!

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