Anti War Spells (Oils, Candle and Chant-Like Spell) (Afghanistan, Iran, Vietman, Russia, etc.)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yandis brand ''Rompe Guerra (destroy war)''
  • Or
  • A White Candle (A votive candle will do, white though)
  • a toothpick or needle to write on the candle, a shard of glass will do as long as you can scratch a name on the candle.
  • OR
  • A a simple voice and chant.

These three different spells disable wars forever if you choose to disable all of them. (As a favor go for all of them, past present and future) You must disable the fight which led to the war as well, though, such as a bar fight between gangbangers or something at the bar (which always lead to wars).

You may combine it with a, on the side, a Paz En El Hogar Spell or Peace Spell from a Botanica or Occult Store, same thing, purchased as a war ender or global peace, if you will, strength spell. (Remember, on the side, do not mix them, unless you rewrite this spell).

Casting Instructions for 'Anti War Spells (Oils, Candle and Chant-Like Spell) (Afghanistan, Iran, Vietman, Russia, etc.)'

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For the oil, which is hard to find, put some on your wrists and neck and say, I want to end such and such war, i.e. Iran vs. USA war or Russia Vs. USA fifty years ago, peacefully.

I also have a video up on the video section, where you can write your own spell with it, (for advanced spell writers only, don't forget to include a safety measure like a baby witch santeria spell such as a jesus el nino dios spell).

Write "Ambitionz" on the side of the candle or on top of a votive candle. No seven day candles, please. Like with the glass surroundings found at witch shops.

Light the candle but don't forget to cast a circle of protection three times before you light it and uncast it three times after the candle burns out. (Remember, you can use birthday candles but use a needle to inscribe the name as best as you could). For votive candles inscribe the name "ambitionz" on the top of the candle.

"I want to end all wars
say no to war, say no to war, say no to war,
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bitch,
destroy all concept known as war! So Mote It Be"

You may use this chant to write your own spells, it includes a baby jesus santeria/witchcraft spell for error proofing/safety measures and three casted circles of protection.


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