The Healer's Purge

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Two weeks
  • Pre-existing healing abilities
  • Rosewater/Springwater
  • Food from the earth
  • No media
  • Meditative techniques.
  • Belief

This is less of a spell and more of set of rituals, I didn't put it in articles because I am the only one who has used it before now, and articles seems too official.

This is to be used for anyone who has a natural healer's ability, and wants to strengthen it.

Despite the term ''Purge'' having a negative connotation, this ritual set is healthy. I promise. I would never hurt anyone.

Casting Instructions for 'The Healer's Purge'

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Once again, this is more of a ritual. Basically, you take two weeks away from life. No media. You only drink the purest water, only eat the purest foods. You Meditate When you wake up and before you fall asleep. No curse words escape your mouth. This is a basic cleanse, but Ive found it extremely helpful with healers.

Things I would recommend:

  • Epsom salt baths every night
  • Pure white silk clothes 24/7
  • Tending a garden to keep you occupied
  • A tibetian singing bowl
  • Incense for your home
  • Occasional company (lest you go mad)

You will come out of those two weeks a better healer than you came in as (and probably with better skin)

Blessed be,


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