Cure Lycanthropy

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lemon
  • Salt
  • Something To make a fire
  • Bucket full of water
  • Something from you when you Transform, exp, hair from pelt if you're a were-wolf.

This is a potion to cure any type of Lycanthropy. Some people believe in were-wolves, even fewer believe in other were-creatures. Well this potion is for ANY type of were-creature.

Casting Instructions for 'Cure Lycanthropy'

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Step1.Make sure you have all your ingredients and are in human form.
Step2. Start the fire and boil the water
Step3. Cut the lemon and squeeze lemon juice in the water then chant. "Sour the curse of mine and make it easy to clean!" One time.
Step4. Throw in the salt and chant. "May this cure me of my wretched curse!" One time.
Step5. Now throw in your hair, scale, or what ever you had from transforming into what ever were-creature you are.
Step6. Put your hands over the boiling pot and chant. "May this water clear me of any infections and side effects! No longer shall I be cursed! I am human, I am mortal I am not a were-(put creature name here) any more! So more this be."
Step7. Let the potion cool, but make sure it is still warm, then drink it. The hotter the potion is the better it can work, but don't scald your throat by drinking it when it is way to hot.

Side effects include, but are not limited to the following. They should go away in about four weeks at most.
Burning feeling.
Feels weaker.

Please message me any other side effects.


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