A Spell To Relieve Drink Dependence

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A crystal of Amethyst,
  • An orange taper candle,
  • A purple taper candle,
  • A red taper candle,
  • A glass of wine

A spell to help fight alcoholism. Please note The spell can also be cast to help overcome other addictions by substituting a cigarette or whatever for the wine

Casting Instructions for 'A Spell To Relieve Drink Dependence'

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Punt one candle at each point of an imaginary triangle large enough for you to sit within. Sit cross-legged facing the orange candle, the red one behind you to the left and the purple one behind you to the right. Put the wine between you and the orange candle with the crystal alongside it. Before you light the candles, take several deep breaths through the nose, and hold them for a count of seven before breathing out through the mouth. As you inhale and exhale, visualize the crystal becoming empowered with your will power. When you feel ready, light the candles, take the crystal in your hand and clasping it tightly say:

Orange candle, Please restore my balance,
Purple candle, please restore my inner harmony,
Red candle restore my courage,
That i may live my life, dependence free,
Crystal I know I/***** needs/s your power.
Grant that it around me/***** shower,
And it harm none so be it.

These words (or words of similar sentiment) spoken, return the crystal to the ground and pick up the wineglass. Take one sip of wine and say:

Powers that will, please help me see,
I need not alcohol to be me,
And it harm none so be it.

If you don't want to swallow the wine, spit it back into the wine glass, before pouring it's contents around the outside of the circle, saying:

What came from the earth i now return,
It's power o'er me no longer burn.
And it harm none so be it.

Pick up the crystal, saying:

Please be with me every hour,
Protecting me from alcohols power.
And it harm none so be it.

Keep the crystal in your pocket or handbag and whenever you feel the temptation to have a drink simply excuse yourself from the company you are in, go to the lavatory, take the crystal in your hand and repeat the last invocation.

The spell can also be cast to help overcome other addictions by substituting a cigarette or whatever for the wine.

This spell was taken from the book, ''The Book Of Spells'' By Michael Johnstone


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