Physical Healing

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Cup of water
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Circle (May be made of anything, as long as it's a circle)
  • Salt

The purpose of this spell is to heal those who are hurt, from closing a wound to easing pain.

Casting Instructions for 'Physical Healing'

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Step 1: Cast your circle

Step 2: Sprinkle salt around the circle to banish negativity and pain.

Step 3: Draw three rings tied together on a piece of paper and put yours, or someone else's name over the rings. This will prove the target for the healing.

Step 4: Fold the paper three times.

Step 5: Put paper in the middle of the circle.

Step 6: Sit inside the circle.

Step 7: Get a cup of water and bring it inside the circle with you.

Step 8: Chant this once:
Oh, God, and Goddess, heal Thy chosen one. Heal Thy chosen one, boost their soul's prosperity. Mote it be!

Step 9: Sprinkle some water from the cup over the paper. This is suppose to prove that you have boosted their soul's prosperity and verify that you have healed them. The healing may take a certain amount of time.

Step 10: Hide the paper somewhere and keep it safe.

The three rings are for the healing of the body, mind and soul for yourself or another person.

When the target is healed, the paper may be disposed of.

If the spell fails, you could try again.

Make sure to use a strong, loud, and clear voice. And, of course, you have to believe!

Good luck!


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