Healing through pure energy

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Knowledge of the chakra centers.
  • Positive energy flow control.
  • Psi ball.
  • Basic understanding of the anatomy of the patient, and knowledge of their affliction.

This is a quickly learnable spell that I've used to heal sickness from colds to pneumonia.

Casting Instructions for 'Healing through pure energy'

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Center yourself, and your patient through meditation. Form the psi ball and hold it in your projective hand. Locate the center of the disease or disorder in your patient. Press the ball into them, and use your third eye, or second sight, to view the disease and your psi ball. Use the psi ball to absorb the negative energy from the patients disease, by replacing your healthy and positive energy, with the diseases negative energy. Pull the tainted psi ball out when all of the positive energy is gone, or at a point where you feel you can not finish. If you can, seal the negative energy in a stone or amulet, if not, disperse it. Then place your projective hand were the psi ball went in, and flood your patient with any positive healing energy you can spare.

As a warning, this spell can take allot out of both the caster and the patient. The spell relies on your stamina and control.

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