Become a hollow

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This will turn you into a monster. If you are not willing to become a hollow… dont do this. This works immediately. You will feel effects within 24 hours after casting.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a hollow'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Night time, sunset, or close to sunset
  • Any moon phrase
  • Voice
  • You alone (pets are ok)
  • This spell on a piece of paper or typed on a device with you
  • Dark room only lit with a small light or device light
  • Desire to become a monster

    Go into a room alone, turn off all of the lights except the device light.

    Stand or sit in front of the spell

    When ready say or chant or whisper 1-3x:



I dedicate myself to you,

I ask of you to change me,

i will give my soul,

this is my desire”


Then say after done:


“So mote it be!”


4:  move along with your life and watch for side effects! Good luck!


Side effects:

    Craving more meat

    darker/lighter eyes

    Sharper teeth



    Weight loss/more muscle gain

    growling/snarling more

    Ability to see other hollow’s

    Freezing skin but warmer internally

    Better senses

    Pain in ribs and other body parts


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Don't work, magick cannot contradict nature, you were born human, and human you shall remain in this lifetime.

Jan 14, 2020
magic only works as long as you believe enough so magic needs stronger belief

Jan 15, 2020
Neko is correct as usual. Real Magic on the physical plane is ruled by nature. It is an energy that brings natural change. This is not a natural change, ergo, does not work.

These comments make me uncomfortable to try these things....

Aug 11, 2019
Why do they make you uncomfortable? We are simply stating facts about real magick. It is a natural energy that brings natural change. Anything you saw in a movie won't happen with magick because real magick doesn't contradict nature. Facts of reality shouldn't make you uncomfortable.

I don't know why people make a spell that actually don't work.

Aug 14, 2019
To sound like they know what they're doing, to troll the site, or they honestly think it's possible because they haven't actually studied real magick.

A real Hollowgast cannot physically shift. As with any shifting, it is virtually impossible to do physically. You can mental shift and astral shift into a Hollowgast. BUT, according to the legend you must have a Hollowgast spirt or soul. I don't know if the legend is accurate, but i have learned to mentally shift into one many months ago. I hate to break it to anyone, but all this spell actually does is help provoke a mental or astral shift. Sorta like a boost to help? Im horrible at describing. Hope this was helpful.

Aug 24, 2019
Can i also say that this spell offends my beliefs/gifts?? I just wanted to post info.

Even if this spell could work, you would be selling your soul to the hollowgasts. In my book of common sense overlapping into magick, that doesn't really seem like a good idea.

This Creature is out of a Book by Ransom Riggs

Apr 18, 2020
It's based on a real creature.

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