Love Attraction Mixture

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A small, compact, easy to make love attraction mixture.

Casting Instructions for 'Love Attraction Mixture'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rose Petals
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Rose Quartz
  • Pink Candle
  • Small jar you can make into a pendant or is already made to be a pendant
  • Cord

Before all, Cast a circle with Air as the focused element and light the pink candle.

Take the small jar, fill it with however many rose petals, lavender flowers, and chamomile flowers you think you need. Add a small piece or two of Rose Quartz.

Seal the jar, hold it to your forehead and say:


"Goddesses bright,
Bring me love,
As I might
Send away the loneliness,
Allow a love anew to find my heart,
One who I will love,
truly, unconditionally,
without fear of disloyalty."


Seal the jar shut, and seal it permanently with the pink wax.
String the cord, tie three even knots into the cord near where the jar is, on both sides preferably.

Wear it wherever you wish, as long as you have it on you, love should come your way.

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I'm seeing so many love spells but I don't know if they're legit. Can someone help me out?

Apr 07, 2019
Some are, some are not. Couple things you can try is ask yourself if the spell promises extreme results [meet the love of your life in a week, next time you see your crush they will be in love with you, everyone will instantly love you] then it won't work because magick instant instant or overpower free will forever. Second if you are confused by something in a spell [ingredients specifically] you can always type the thing plus ''magickal properties'' into google and you should find a site with a list of magickal properties for that spell. If all the items work for the same goal, it's probably safe to assume it works. This spell specifically probably works, but it most likely attracts love of all kinds into your life. Self love, friendship, love from pets, love from family, and possibly a few romantic loves. Love is full of possibilities but we too often focus on romantic love.

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