Become a hollow


Night time, sunset, or close to sunset
Any moon phrase
You alone (pets are ok)
This spell on a piece of paper or typed on a device with you
Dark room only lit with a small light or device light
Desire to become a monster


This will turn you into a monster. If you are not willing to become a hollowÂ… dont do this. This works immediately. You will feel effects within 24 hours after casting.

Spell Casting

  1. Go into a room alone, turn off all of the lights except the device light.

  2. Stand or sit in front of the spell

  3. When ready say or chant or whisper 1-3x:



I dedicate myself to you,

I ask of you to change me,

i will give my soul,

this is my desire”


Then say after done:


“So mote it be!”


4:  move along with your life and watch for side effects! Good luck!


Side effects:

  • Craving more meat

  • darker/lighter eyes

  • Sharper teeth

  • Faster

  • Stronger

  • Weight loss/more muscle gain

  • growling/snarling more

  • Ability to see other hollow’s

  • Freezing skin but warmer internally

  • Better senses

  • Pain in ribs and other body parts
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