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Get a familiar(an animal to help you with magic)

Casting Instructions for 'Get a Familiar'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An animal you want to be your familiar
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An animal you want to be your familiar

Go up to an animal and ask its permission by saying:


"By the moon that shines at night, and the sun so very bright, I ask you once, I ask you twice, but more than twice would not be nice.
With a wag a croak or a mew, pray tell me now what you will do
will you my familiar be? Give your answer unto me."



Wait for a responce you take as yes.
The animal may have a name.
You must give it a secret magickal name to do so use my spell "naming your familiar".


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You got this from wizardology.

is this true?

They have been a member for8 years so old geuss it's true

What happens if you chant it in front of more than one animals

This is not how familiars work. Historically, they were believed to be demons and evil spirits working for witches to do the witches bidding. Today, it is an animal you share a spiritual bond with. You cannot walk up to any animal and go ''will you be my familiar?'' you are tethering a piece of yourself to the animal. There is a major spiritual and emotional cost to having a familiar. Your pets could be helpful in spells and you could work with them in your craft, but a familiar is a different bond and most spells will not make it form.

Oct 08, 2022
could you perhaps help it form? not exactly make it form but make it more likely to form, influence it if you will?/genq

Oct 08, 2022
You may ask the universe to help you find your familiar, but familiars are rare. The bond is more than simply a pet you love. Your familiar can sense Magik, you can sense when the other is in distress, you will have a deep spiritual bond with the animal. You can train a pet to aid you in spells, but they are not the same as a familiar. You also cannot design your familiar. You may desire a black cat, but your familiar is a hamster. In order to find your familiar, if you have one, is to let go of your expectations. Get to know the animal, work Magik and observe your surroundings. A spell of this nature might attract an animal towards you, but it is not guaranteed to be your familiar. You wanted a black cat, now you have a black cat. The bond is another matter.

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