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Name: dark_cat99
Birthday: Sep 9 1998
Location: behind you
Gender: Female
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I am 13,I have been practicing magic since i was 9.
I can see an outline of spirits, feel when they are around and what kind of energy they give out sometimes,i know their life story,also i can hear spirits (faintly)
my element(s): earth and fire
my favorite color(s):dark purple,black,and grey
my favorite and spiritual animal(s): cat,crow,and bat
my best types of spells:energy & element
my hair color:blonde with green/blue,purple and sometimes half is orange and half is blonde(my hair will soon be brown w/ blonde streaks)
eye color:blue
style:emo and sometimes skater
the reason i started magic was because my life SUCKS and my family is poor but, my family except for my gram is against witch craft but no one in my family knows about me being a wiccan.
i hate hugging! first of all it is too annoying,second of all, i have pediculophobia, so i hate hugging even more and sharing hats,brushes,and coats.
see my life sucks and i keep screwing it up more and more, so love your life everyone diserves better than what i have.