Protection Spells

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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Protection Spells

Protection spells deal directly with Force and Power Spells.

These spells create a shield around you which prohibits evil magics from harming you (or whoever you cast the spell on).

When these spells are cast incorrectly nothing happens.

More Free Protection Spells

Cleansing A Room
Dream Protection
Earth Power in Need
Element Balance
Elemental Protection Charm
Exorcism/ Exorcizamus
Fire Protection
Ghost Powder Spell
Home protection
Home Success Magnetism Spell
House Protection
Invoke Kwan Yin
Keep your Child Safe
Leave Me Alone
Mana Shield
Midsummer Fire
Moon Protection for Amulets
Native Prayer
Nine Knots
Oath to Nyx
Overall Weather Stopper
Personal Protection
Phoenix Protection
Prayer to Goddess Kuu
Protecting your Vehicle
Protection ( Mars Water)
Protection Bottle
Protection From Anger
Protection Of Light
Protection Potion
Protection Ring
Protection Spell
Protection spell Fire-Water
Protection Stone
Protector Candle
Ritual for Prosperous Love
Sanctuary and Beyond
Sentinel and Radiant Guards
Shield of Azriel
Shield Ward
Silence a Stalker
Simple Protection Spell
Spell and Curse Breaker
Spiritual Cleanse
Stop Bad Luck Charm Bag
Strega Herb Jar
Summon a Goblin
The decagram ward
Thrice Defence Chant
To Protect an Item/Object
To Protect your Luggage
Unbinding Spell
Visualization Meditation
Ward Entity
Witches Cleansing Bottle
Wolf Spell
Wyrd Sisters Banishing Ritual
Yemaya Protection
A Child's Protection Sachet
A Very Powerful Barrier
Acoda's Protection Spell
Akasha's Purification Spell
Amaterasu's Protection Spell
Angel's Protection
Animal Protective Blessing
Anubis's Blessing Charm
Archangel Spell
Aura Shield
Balancing your Energies
Banishing Powder
Basic House Protection
Bast Protection
Binding Spell
Blessing a St Michael medal
Blocking spell
Book of Shadows Blessing
Bottle of Protection
Call of the Moondragon
Calming/Focusing Chant
Casting Pentacle Wards
Cat Blessing
Cat Protection Bag
Charm A Necklace
Charm Of Protection
Cherokee Prayer Blessing
Circle of Protection
Clothing Protection
Create a Familiar
Crystal Protection Spell
Demon Banishment/Exorcism
Dont Notice Me
Dragon Guardian Finder
Dragonīs Light Protection
Dream Protection
Earth Elemental Protection
Enchanting Book of Shadows
Energy Transfer (Object)
Fast Protection Spell
Fiery Wall of Protection Oil
Force-Bubble Shield
Get Rid of a Headache
Good Health Spell
Heal a loved One
Heart of Stone
Hex Breaker Spell
Home Cleansing Spell
Home Protection Spell
House Blessing
House Protection Spell
How to Make Black Salt
Isis Girdle( Energy Spell)
Juno's Brew
Make Protection/Blessing Water
Making the Rose Shield Oil
Michael's Protection
My Embrace
Pentagram Protection
Powerful Protection Spell
Protect an Object
Protect from Pain
Protect Yourself
Protection Apples
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection for Another
Protection From an Ill-Wisher
Protection Oil
Protection Smoke
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protective Fire
Protective Necklace Charm
Psychic Protection Spell
Quick Protection Chant
Remove Bad Luck or Ill Wishes
Reverse Candle Spell
Runic Protection Circle
Salt Protection
Save A Tree
Shielding Spells
Simple Blessings
Simple Protection Potion
Sleep Protection
Spell for Protection
Spell to Protect Pets
Spirit's Aid
Spiritual Protection Oil
Storing Energy for Beginners
Sunlight Protection
Talisman of Protection
The Field of Protection.
To Drive Away Bad Dreams
Triple Circle Casting
Viking New Born Blessing
Warning Spell
Whistling up the wind
Wildlife Healing
Witches Ladder
Make Enemy A Friend Mantra
10 minute Protection Spell
A Chocolate Spell
A Safe Travel Chant
A Spell of Protection
A Sprinkling of Protection
Advanced Shielding & Grounding
Against black magic
Akasha Protective Amulet
Amazing good luck
An elemental protection.
Angel Protection
Angel Wing Protection
Animal Follower Spell
Animal Stones
Anti-Nightmare Chant
Anti-Stalker Spell
Archangel Micheal Protection
Archangel Uriel
Astral travel
Aura shield
Ball of Light
Banish an Evil
Banish Cleanse & Protect
Banish Evil
Banish Your Fears
Banishing Nightmare
Banishment Spell
Basic Circle Casting
Basic Door Protection
Basic Necromantic Meditation
Basic Protection
Basic Sun Protection Spell
Be Cursed Free From Illuminati
Beginner Protection spell
Bestow Upon me Satan
Binding Chant
Black Salt
Blazing Seal
Bless Yourself
Blessed salt
Blessing My Unborn Baby
Block an Attack
Blood Ink
Blue Sheild
Book of Shadows Blessing
Bracelet of the Xul
Break Powers Against You
Breaking a Binding Spell
Brief Herbal Lesson
Broom Aborbing
Buddhist Protection
Bully Protection
Call of the Moon
Call Your Dragon Gaurdian
Casting a Cirlce
Cat Help
Celestial Weapon
Chains Lockem
Channeling A Deva
Chant of Protection
Charm a Protective Necklace
Charm Of Mystic Protection
Cherokee Protection Spell
Child Protection Mojo Bag
Circle Casting
Circle of Protection
Circle of Protection
Clean Clothes
Cleanse an Object
Cleanse your wand
Clease a Room
Clumsy Witch
Concentration Spell
Counteraction Spell
Crossroads Spell
Crystal Protection
Curing a headache
Daily Protection
Death from Lilith
Defensiva Circuli
Deflect Dark Magic
Demon Removal Spell
Dinner Prayer
Don't Call Me Spell
Door Protection/Shield
Dragon Defense
Dragon Eye
Dragon Protection Potion
Dragons Sight
Dreamcatcher Spell
Druidic Triple Circle
Earth Protection
Easy House Purification
Easy psi ball
Egypt Protection
Elemental Protection
Elemental Protection
Emergency Protection From Harm
Energy shield
Enki/Satan Protection Spell
Evil Eye
Exorcism Prayer
Fade Walking
Fauces Necomancia
Find your Guardian Animal
Fire Charm
Fire dancing spell
Fire Protection
Firewall Protection Oil
Foil a Villanous Group
Forcefield from Dark Magic
Friend Protection Spell
Full Moon Protection
Garlic vs Evil
Get Away From Me
Get rid of Negative Energy
Glyph of Grounding
Goddess Protection Spell
Golden Mist Shield
Good Luck for You
Guardian Angel Chants
Guardian Earth
Hand Protection
Hands Off
Healing Spell
Heart Protection Spell
Heavenly Protection
Help Nature
Hex-Shattering Candle
Holy oil
House Blessing Powder
House Protecting Shield
House Protection
How to Clean a Candle.
How to Consecrate a Book
How To Summon A Bird Guardian
Hurricane Protection
Incantation for Protection
Incense Protection
Invoking Green Tara
Item Protection Spell
Jinx Bag
Keeping Danger Away
Large Area Ward
Latin Protection Chant
Light in the Dark
Living Shield Spell
Lock out Anything Nasty
Lords Prayer
Lovers Trust
Lucky Charm/Object
Luna charm
Magic Book Blessing
Magic ring protection spell
Magickal Earth Herb Jar
Make a Familiar
Make a Wand
Making Your Own Balms
Mantra of Guan Yin
Mantra of Sitatapatra
Mantra When In Danger
Maran Mantra of Enemies
Menstrual Blood Conjure Bag.
Merlins Protection Spell
Mind Protection
Mirror Barrier
Moon and Sea Protection
Mother Mary
Multi Purpose Powder
Name Your Familiar
Necklace Protection
Negativity Energy
Nightmare Brew
Nightmare Protection
No Negative Energy
Nyx's Blessing Charm
Nyx's Protection
Object Protection
Object Protection
Open Your 3rd Eye
Pagan Wedding Chant
Peaceful Home Protection
Physic Protection Bag
Physical Harm Shield
Power Sort
Powerful Charm
Prayer For Guidance
Prayer of Empathic Release
Prevention Chant
Property Protection
Protect a Friend
Protect a Necklace or Object
Protect Against a Charm
Protect from Illnesses
Protect your home
Protect your pet
Protecting a Home
Protecting Loved Ones
Protection Amulet
Protection and Guidance
Protection Blessing
Protection Candle
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection for Cobainsangel
Protection for safer journey
Protection from a Demon
Protection from Dream Invaders
Protection from Evil Magic
Protection from Flame
Protection from Love Spells
Protection From Someone
Protection from the Wind
Protection Herb Blend
Protection in the Snow
Protection Incantation
Protection Jar
Protection Necklace
Protection of One's Mind
Protection of the Moon
Protection of your Mind
Protection over Area
Protection Potion
Protection Potion
Protection Potion
Protection Potion and Spell
Protection Powder
Protection Powder
Protection Ritual
Protection Sachet
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection spell for a group
Protection Spell of Objects
Protection Stone
Protective Blessing for Cats
Protective Circle
Protective Wolves
Protector Summon
Psi Ball Control
Psi Shield
Purification Spray
Quick Calming Chant
Quitting Powder
Remove Evil From A Object
Repel Spiders
Reversal Spell
Reverse the Evil Magic
Rid Racism
Ritual of Saraswati
Safe Room
Sage Prayer
Salt Cleansing Rite
Salt Protection
Sanguis Circle
Satanic Protection
Self Protection Spell
Shadow Claw
Sheilds Up
Shield of Dagda
Shield of Isis
Shielding Techniques
Sigil Magic in Air
Simple House Blessing
Simple Protection Spell
Simple Tea Ritual
Spell Backfire
Spell Book Protection
Spell for pain protection
Spell for Truth
Spell to Attune
Spirit Element Protect
Spirit of Darkness
Spirit Protection
Spirit Wolf Prayer
Stop Bothering You
Stop Slipping on Ice
Summon an Energy Shield
Summon God
Summoning Spell
Sun Protection Spell
The Beer Bath
The Roar of Anubis
The Witch's Ladder
Those Not Faint At Heart
To Banish Personal Negativity
To Make Bad Luck Go Away
To Protect An Object
To Slow Down a Situation
Transformation Spell
Tree Link
True Astral Projection
Undo A Protection spell
Unknown Evil Working
Very Simple Protection
Violet Flame Decree
Wall of Fire
Ward Against Spirits
Ward of Psychic Vampires
Ward water
Warding Dark Influences
Warriors Blessing
Watch my Back Prayer
Water Protection Spell
When passing a Cemetery
Win An Unfair Fight
Wisdom Mantra of Manjushri
Witches Bottle
Wolf Gardian
Wolf Protection Spell
Working Sickness Curse/Chant
A Blessing
A Webs Protection
Angel Protection
Angel's Peace
Anti War
Archangel Michael Summoning
Armor of Power
Averting the Evil Eye
Banish Negativity
Banishing Oil
Barrier of String
Basic Protection
Basic Protection.
Bell Protection Spell
Bless All Who You Want
Blessing a New Home
Break a Curse or Spell
Candle Pentagram
Candle Protection Spell
Charging your Mojo
Cherry Blossom Protection
Cleansing New Wand
Close Your Mind to Influence
Curse Protection
Dark Protection
Demon Banishing Spell
Dragon Blood
Dream Protection
Duppie Repelling Charm
Elements that Protect
Emergency Protection
Enchant and Protect an Item
Eternal Bond
Fire Shielding Spells
Five Fingered Protection Bath
Fruit Protection
Garden Growth
Get Rid of a Bully
Golden Mist Shield Spell
Good Spirt
Guadalupe Protection Santeria
Harleen's Hex Antidotes
Herbal Protection Bath
Home Cleansing
Home Protection
House Protection Spell
Imprisonment spell
Invocation to Odin
Lemon Ring Protection
Magick Circle Casting
Meditation Grounding
Most Powerful Addiction Spell
Name Protection
No Longer Spell
Object Protection
Pater Noster
Peppermint Chervil Sachet
Potion of Protection
Prayer for Emotional Healing
Problems from People
Protect an Object
Protect Someone From Accidents
Protecting Yourself and Others
Protection Against Evil Beings
Protection and Guidance
Protection Bath
Protection Bubble Spell
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection From an Evil Spirit
Protection from Nightmares
Protection from Vampires
Protection of Ancient Cairo
Protection Pentagram
Protection Potion
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protective Chant
Protective Healing
Purify Aura Energy
Rain Chant
Remove a Curse
Return a Hex
Reversing Curse
Safe Travels
Satanic Protection
Saturn Talisman of Protection
Seance Protection Candle Spell
Shadow Field
Shadow Spell
Shield of Darkness/Glamour
Simple Herbal Protection Spell
Simple Protection
Sleep Spell
Snake Spirit Animal
Spirit Barrier
Spirit Eye
Spirit Honoring Spell
Starry Good Night Charm
Stone of Protection
Stop a Fire
Summon a Guardian Angel
Summoning Voice of the Shadows
The Binding of All Harm
The Perfect Companion II
Thorn Banishing Ward
Three Leaves Protection
To Protect an Object
Travel Protection
Unbreakable Shell
Vampire Protection Spell
Vampire Sun Charm
War Ender (Working)
Waters of Golden Light
Witch Wreath
Zeus Protection
Banish Negative Energy Protection Bath
Clear Negative Energy from a Room
Enchanting Item for Good Dreams
Jar for Good Luck and Protection
Lesser Invocation to Paeftzeria Bonoceref
Open the Third Eye Chakra (indigo)
Prayer for the Satanic Leader. Satanic Prayer
Protect A Loved One - Enchantment
Protecting-Yourself Prior to a- Journey
Protection for Someone's Travels
Protection Over Yourself or Another
Rid yourself of Psychic Attacks
Sim's Apple Cider Vinegar Protection Jar
To Prevent Intrusion into a-Building
To Protect your Teenage Daughter
Warning Incense Burners Herbalists
15 Ingredient Protection Powder
Create a Strength and Safety Amulet
Herbal Protection Gris-Gris Bag
Nobody But Me! (Crush Protection)
Protect an Item/Object From Others
Protection an Elimination of Evil.
Recipe-Hoodoo Protection Powder
To Reverse Spells Cast with Candle Magick
A Spell For The Archangel Michael's Protection
All four elements protection spell
Anubis Sacrifice and Protection
Beginners Scarlet Fire Protection
Bubble of Protection Meditation
Call The Angel and Saint Protector of the World - Michael
Dharmakaya Hayagriva Mudra Protection
Earth, Water and Ocean Offering
Emergency Protection Spell (Spanish)
Energy Protection Strategies - Dressing the Body
Energy Protection Strategies - Violet Cloaking
Energy Protection Strategies - Zip Up
Evil Eye Oil Spell to Lift a Jinx
Grounding and Personal Shielding
House Protection Spell (Women Only)
Incantation to Black Unwarranted Influence
Information: Broom/Besom Folklore
Invocation of Archangel Tzaphkiel
Magic Incense Animal Protection
Nightmares/Protection While Dreaming
Prayer to Protect from Interference from Dark Force
Prepare and Cleanse a Sacred Space
Protect Your Home From Evil Entities
Protection charm (Long distince)
Protection from Evil for Beginners
Protection on a that Dares to Harm
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Protection to Another during Travel
Renunciation of the Darkness Prayer
Rosemary Prtection/Cleansing Spell
Spell to protect home from evil spirits
Stationary Spiritual/Magical Shield
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
A Powerful Curse Breaking/Protection Spell
Banishing a Negative Spirit (powerful)
Candle Spell To Banish Negative Energies Or Spirits
Classic Heathen Protection Prayer
Demon Banishing/Destroy/Protection
Fiery Wall of Protection Candle Spell
Finnish spell against Evil Spirits
Healing and Protection Herb Jar
Nightfall Prayer to the Goddess
Prayer to Protect From the Evils of a Witchboard
Protection Against Dark Spirits
protection from a an Evil Spirit or you can say Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit
Simple and Easy Powerful Protection
Spell to help with faith for spells
Sunrise Protection Prayer to the God
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram.
To Quell Mischief Among Your Belongings
War Ender (Bush, Talin, God Wars, etc.)
goddes night chant
aura reach
demon banishing
good luck mince
psi ball
summon your gardian angel
book of shadows blessing
how to summon spirits, gods and goddesses for magical purposes
Create Your Own Angel
Earth Amulet
Easy Protection/Ward
Element PPF
Ending a Weak Tornado
Fire Protection-Spell
Fully Blowted Insence
Herbal Sachets
Home Purification
House Blessing
Household Gods
Invoking the Household Gods
Knot a Spell
Luna Charm
Medusa's Reflection:
Moon Blessing Potion
Moonlight Candle Blessing
Newborn Blessing
Nyx's Moon Soak
Othala's Ju Ju Powder
PDivine Purification
Pet Protection Spell Bottle
Powerful Protection
Prevent Straying From Tasks
Protection Bottle
Protection for the Heart
Protection from harm and evil
Protection Potion
Protection Powder
Protection Spell
Protection Spell (For Others)
Protection Stone
Protective Tree Talisman
Psychic Protection Bag
Purify and Protect a Room
Salt Protection Circle
Self Defense
Seven Candle Money
Shield Of Valor
Shot Glass Circle Casting
Simple Protection
Simple Protective Circle
Spells Of Magic Gag Protection
Stone of Protection
Stop Nightmares
Strega Herb Jar
Summoning the Dragon God
Thorn Circle
To Break a Curse
To Protect You While You Sleep
To Reverse Negativity or Hexes
Unborn Baby Blessing
Vivienne's Circle
Warrior's Spell
Wolf Protection
Women's Prayer
Wyrd Sisters Banishing Ritual
The Shield of Dagda
A Dragon Protector
A Warning
Aid of Abaddon
Altar Protection
Amulet Of Magic
Animal Protection
Animal Winter Protection Spell
Archangel Michael Prayer
Aura Of Protection
Back Off
Banish A Spirit
Barrier of Light
Basic Ki Defense
Blast your Enemy Away
Blessing of Satan
Blue Rings Protection Chant
BOS Protection Spell
Buddhist Blessing and Healing
Call your Dragon Guardian
Casting A Circle
Casting the Magick Circle
Cat Blessings
Chameleon spell
Charm a Protective Necklace
Charm of the Goddess
Circle Casting Chant
Clean Body of Negative Energy
Create Aura
Dagda Area Protection
Don't touch
Door Protection/Shield
Dragon Protection
Dream Invader Protection
Dream Tower/Spirit Column
Easy Protection Spell
Energy spell
Evil Eye Amulet
Fathers Love
Fire Circle
Get Me Warm
Godly Nightmare Protection
Healing Spell
Hecate Summoning Prayer
Holy Bubble
Home Protection
House Blessing
House Blessing Spell
How to Make a Talisman
Hurricane of Protection
Jewish Protection
Love and Hugs Dollie
Making Blessed/Holy Water
Medium Protection
Mirror Sheild
New Years Purification
Phoenix Shield
Prayer Spell
Protect Children
Protect Your Home
Protecting Yourself Spell
Protection Amulet
Protection Bath Salt
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection for a Friend
Protection for Bed
Protection Item spell
Protection Potion
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protective Arms
Protective Necklace
Psychic Protection Bath
Purify and Protect a Room
Rebound Spell
Reversal of a simple Hex
Ring of Protection
Safe Ending To A Spell
Satanic Prayer of Thanks
Shield of Fire
Simple Home Protection
Simple Protection Spell
Sleep Protection
Spell to Protect an Object
Spirit Element Protection
Spiritual Protection
Stop Nightmares
Summon Zeveron
Talisman Of Protection
The Challan Charm
The Perfect Companion
To Freeze Someone
Voodoo Protection
Water Protection
White Candle Blessing Spell
Witch's Bottle
Zeus Binding
'Elemental Protection Spell'
9 Protection
A Fire Protection Spell
A Spell for Justice
A Spell of Protection
A Traveller's Charm/Protection
Activate your Inner Witch
Against a Dwarf Attack
All Purpose Glamour
Amulet Protection
Angel Basket Ritual
Angel Spell
Angelic Protection Spell
Animal Guardian Angel
Anti-negativity Satchel
Anti-Nightmare Sash
Archangel Shamael
Armour Spell
Athena's Protection
Bad Spirit Protection
Banish a Succubus
Banish Bad Lovers Spell
Banish Evil
Banish negative energy
Banishing bad Spirit/Energy
Banishing Spell
Barrier Protection
Basic Circle Casting Part II
Basic Magical Oils
Basic Protection
Basic Protection Circle
Bast Oil
Bedtime Barrier
Besom Rid of Negative Energy
Bind Bullies
Binding Necklace
Black Salt
Bless a Necklace
Blessed Book
Blessing a Newborn
Blessing Oil
Blocking Empathy
Bloody Mary
Body Guard
Book of Shadows Protection
Break a Hex
Break the Power of a Spell
Breaking a Hex
Bring Enemy To Justice Chant
Bubble Shield
Buddhist Protection Ritual
Call a Dragon
Call the Winds
Cast a Protective Circle
Cat Blessing
Cating a Circle
Celestial Weapons
Change Fate
Chant of Anti-Angry
Chaos God's Light
Charm Against Evil Spirits
Charm of the Beast
Child Protection
Christian Protection
Circle of p Protection
Circle of Protection
Classic Witch Bottle
Cleanse A Room
Cleanse Magical Space
Cleansing of Vajrasattva
Cloaking Shield
Complete Banishing ritual
Convert an Enemy
Create a Solar Charged Mirror
Crystal Globe Spell
Crystal Protection Charm
Curse Breaker
Dark Circle
Defeating the Darkness
Deflect Dark Magic
Demon Be Gone
Diffuse Shield
Divine Protection
Door Protection Spell
Dragon Clothing
Dragon Eye
Dragon Protection
Dragon's Protection
Dream Barrier
Druid Protective Circle
Earth Charm
Earth Protection Bottle
Easy Protection Charm Bag
Eden's Seal of Protection
Elemental Blood Bind
Elemental Protection
Elemental Protection (Works)
Emprissioning an Evil Spirit
Enhance Your Magickal Power
Eternity Protection Charm
Exorcism Prayer
Eye of the Dragon
Fairy Protection Gell
Fiery Wall of Protection
Fire Binding Spell
Fire Circle
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Protection
Focus Energy Into an Item
Force of Protection
Friend Protecting Spell
Full Moon Prayer
Gabriels Hand
Generic Binding Spell
Get Rid of Headaches
Ghost Hunter
Goddess I Hear You
Goddess Protection Spell
Good Luck Charm Empowerment
Gossip Banishing
Guardian Angel Protection
Guardian Shrine
Hand Protection Symbol Spell
Healing (Cancer)
Healing Spell 15
Heartbreak Healing
Hecate's Promise
Herbicide Potion
Holloween Protection
Honeysuckle Magic
House Blessing Powder
House Protection
House Protection
How to Connect with Gaia
How to Make Your Own Wand
How to write a spell
Immortality Ring
Incapacitation Ash
Increase your Spells Accuracy
Invoking the Elements
Jelly Bean Army
Keep Away Enemies
Ki Manipulation
Latin Home Protection
Level I Shadow Circle
Lion Protection Charm
Lock a Door
Lord, Protect Me
Love from the sea
Luck Spell
Luna Charm
Lunar Magick
Magic Protection Spell #2
Magical Protection
Magickal Hex-Breaking Doll
Make a Spirit Appear
Making a Poppet
Manipulate The Air
Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha
Mantra of Yeshe Tsogyal
Mantras for the Zodiacs
Marshmallow Shield
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Merlins Protection Spell
Mermaid Good Luck Charm spell
Mini Protection Vial
Money Protection Spell
Moon Child Spell
Move Unseen
My Lord Will Protect Me
Necklace Protection
Negative Energy Protection
Net shield/healing
Nightmare Fog Shield
Nights Protection
No Sorrow No Pain
Nyx's Moon Soak
Object protection
Object Protection
Opal Protection Spell
Pagan Protection
Patron Power
Peacful Sleep
Physic Protection Bag
Porteck me Baron Samedi
Potion of Protection
Powerful Protection Chant
Prayer of Empathic Release
Pregnancy Protection
Projecting your Reflection
Protect a Friend
Protect a Home
Protect a Room
Protect an Item
Protect Me
Protect Your Journal
Protect Your True Love
Protecting Items
Protection an Enlightment
Protection Barrier
Protection Bubble
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Dust
Protection for pets
Protection For Starters
Protection From Darkness
Protection from Entity
Protection from Evil Spell
Protection from Ghosts
Protection from sicknesses
Protection from the Goddess
Protection grid
Protection Hex Bag
Protection in the Snow
Protection Incense
Protection Mark
Protection of a relationship
Protection of the Evil Eye
Protection of valuables Spell
Protection Oil
Protection Potion
Protection Potion
Protection potion
Protection Potion
Protection Powder
Protection Powder
Protection Puppet
Protection Sachet
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell for a House
Protection Spell Powerful
Protection Witch's Jar
Protective Cat Blessing
Protective spheres
Protezione degli Angeli
Psi Shield
Psionic Shield
Purification Spell
Quicksand Protection Bottle
Remove a Curse
Removing Bad Energy
Reversal Spell
Reverse other Spells
Rid Evil Spirits
Right choice of friends
Safe and Sturdy
Salt Barrier
Salt Power
Salt protection/banishing
Satanic Guidance Prayer
Satanic Ritual Before Sleep
Scarecrow charm
Sense Danger From An Enemy
Shang Protection Charm
Shield of Fire
Shield Spell
Shut Up Spell
Sigil of The Light
Simple Killing
Simple shield potion
Special Elemental Chant
Spell book Protection
Spell Catcher
Spell for Protection in Snow
Spell of protection.
Spell to Banish a Ghost
Spirit Medicine Ritual
Spirit Protection
Spirit Repell
Spiritual Shield
Stop Harassment
Stop the Storm
Summon a Cat Spell
Summon Angel Michael
Summoning Anyone
Summons the god of magic
Sunflower Magic
The Knights Protection
The Secret
The Witch's Ladder
Tigers Eye Oil
To Clear Evil Intent
To Protect a Child
To Protect Children
To Summon The Fae Queen
Travel Protection
Tree of Protection
Unbreakable Luck Spell
Universal Protection Spell
Vanquish a Demon
Video Game Spirit Enchantment
Voodoo Protection
Ward Demons From This Place
Ward off Evil Spirits
Warding Chant
Warn Against Negativity
Wash away a curse
Water Dragon Protection
WeReWoLf SpElL
Wild Power Charm
Wind Protection Spell
Witch's Bottle
Witches Bottle
Wolf Protection Spell
Wolf Summoning
World pProtecting Spell
A Protection Spell
Angel Guardian
Angel Spell
Another Protection
Anti-intruder Spell
Archangel Michaels Protection
Aura of Protection Spell
Back Up
Banish Presence Spell
Basic Healing
Basic Protection Spell
Bastard Cedar Hex-breaker
Binding Someone From Harm
Book Protection
Call Upon Gods/Deities to Help
Candle Protection
Casting a circle
Charm Spell
Christen Protection
Cleansing the Home
Create Sacred Space
Dark Entity Banishment
Deity Protection
Demonic Protection
Dragon Protection
Duality Charm
Elemental Shield
Emergency Protection
Emergency protection potion
Essence of a Guardian
Evil Ward
Fire amulet of Protection
Fire Wall
Forever Binding
Friday The 13th
Fruit Protection
Garden protection spell
Ginger Rite
Good Luck Necklace
Grounding Technique
Happy Home spell
Herbal Cleaning
Higher Banishing
Home Protection
Home Protection Spell
Hypnotic Protection
Invocation to Banish
Invocation to Sigyn
Less Fights Happen Around You
Maa Kali's Protection
Making a Charm Bag Necklace
Micheal Protection Spell
My Protection
Negativity Be Gone Spell
Normal Ward Spell
Pagan Protection.
Peaceful Home Potion
Personal Purification Bath
Potion to break a Curse/Hex
Prayer To Nyx For Protection
Protect an Item
Protect Me Completely
Protect yourself from harm
Protection (For Helpers)
Protection Amulet
Protection Bag
Protection Bubble
Protection Chant
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection Charm
Protection from a Person
Protection from Demon powers
Protection from Spirits
Protection Object
Protection of Fire
Protection Potion
Protection Prayer Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell
Protection Spell For Yourself
Protective Charm
Psychic Attack Spell
Purification of Magical Tools
Quick Shielding
Relaxation Mantra
Removing A Curse
Sacred Space Purification
Samhain chant
Satans Temple Satanic Prayer
Sealing and Protection
Shadow Protection
Shield Against Evil's Sight
Simple Protection
Simple Protection
Smudge Protection
Solitary Fullmoon Esbat Ritual
Spirit Crystal Creation
Spirit Guide
St. Jude Protection
Stone of Power
Stone Protection
Stop an Evil Spell
Summon Wolf Spirit
Sun Protection
The Moon Goddess Spell
The Potion
Thorny-Rose Charm
To Mend A Broken Heart
To Stop the Rain
Traveling Incantation
Unbreakable Shell Spell
Undo Curse
Vampire Spell
Vulture Spell
War Ending Chant
White Candle Protection Ritual
Wolf Protection
A-Healing Technique for Someone Else
Blessing for the Heart of the Home
Dragon Protection for Beginners
How to avoid death walking by a cemetery
Lemon Uncrossing Spell (Break A Curse)
Moon Protection for the Amulets
Prayer for Guidance and Protection
Prayer of the Satanic warrior. Satanic Prayer
Protecting Children Against Bullying
Protection For Friend(s) or Family
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Protection/Luck Necklace Enchantment
Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection
The Enchanted Charms For Aphrodite Love Spell
To Protect Your Book of Shadows
Vampire Ritual of the Pentagram
Witch's Bottle Protection Spell
Bring Good Fortune and Protection
Fiery Wall of Protection Incense
Make an Abuser Leave a Relationship
Protect Yourself From Nightmares
Protection Against Dream Invaders
Protection an Elimination of Evil.
The Sun Candle: a Daily Balancing Ritual
A protection against hellish creatures
Accepting a Difficult Situation
All purpose spell,(vajra guru mantra)
Artemis Goddess Protection Spell
Block a Person from Mind Reading
Call Forth a Shadow of Protection
Call the Elementals for Protection
Durendal's Barrier of Light Spell
Easy Protection Charm for Beginners
Energy Protection Strategies - Dressing the Body
Energy Protection Strategies - Smudging
Energy Protection Strategies - Violet Cloaking
Energy Protection Strategies - Zip Up
Grimoire/BoS Seal of Protection
House blessing the Satanist/Luciferian Way
How to Make a Protective Amulet
Incompressible Shield of Valiance
Instinkt's Phoenix/Dragon Barrier Spell
Love, protection, and beauty potion
Mantra and Prayers of Guru Rinpoche
Prayer for Lost and Attached Souls
Prayer to Protect from Interference from Dark Force
Prevent Nightmares with Gold and Dragon Statue
Protecting Mantra of Palden Lhamo
Protection from a Specific Thread
Protection of the God amulet necklace
Protection onto an Enchanted Object
Protection Spell using the Power of the Sun
Purification Spell (To Break a Curse)
Renunciation of the Darkness Prayer
Shield of whatever needed to protect
Stationary Spiritual/Magical Shield
The Hayagriva Avalokitesvara Mudra
Wrathful Protection of Yamantaka
A Satchet to Prevent Nightmares
Black and White Protection Powder Super Strength
Charm Against the Hordes of Demons
Create A Strength And Saftey Amulet
Emergency and Easiest Banishing
Fiery Wall of Protection Powder
Get Away Ghosts Backwards Candles Spell
Luck/Protection spell to increase your spells accuracy (HIGH LEVEL SPELL)
Poweful Curse Breaking/Protection Spell
Protect Ones Self from Stalkers
Protection Against Negative People
Protection While Walking Alone at Night
Simple Cleansing/Protection Spell
Spell to Rid Oneself of a Bothersome Spirit
The Binding, and Banishing, of over-powered eldritch monstrosities
The Most Powerful Fire Protection Spell
Turn a stone/small Object into a Weapon
Wicca Prayer to the God or Goddess
the protective pentacle
basic magical protection
get you out of danger
i only see your potienal
spirit defense
wicth's bottle
good luck mince of death and harm
vampretic sunscreen by alchemy12


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