Waters of Golden Light

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rain Water
  • Sea Water
  • River Water
  • 6 Gold candles
  • 6 yellow Candles
  • Brass bowl
  • 4 stick incense of Lotus
  • 4 Identical Oil Defusers preferably Made of Stone
  • Sun Powder
  • - Cinnamon
  • - Dandelion
  • - Sunflower
  • - Sea Salt
  • 12 Citrine points
  • 4 taper Candles dressed in Sun Oil or Sunflower Oil
  • Natron

This powerful complicated spell is used for purification,protection and Luck this spell should NOT BE modified in anyway or should you use any substitutions

Casting Instructions for 'Waters of Golden Light'

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This powerful spell is casted for purification,protection and Luck.
NOTE:This spell should NOT be modified or any substitutions cast it as it is if modified the spell will not work.
You want to make the sun powder 6 teaspoon of cinnamon,dandelion,sunflower and make into powder after making it into powder you want to mix it with 2-3 cups of sea salt now draw a circle with this power about 1,15 meter or more in diameter
Then you want to put the brass bowl in the middle put the 6 candles concencrated and then the other 6 in between those candles it could be close to the bowl or far from the bowl put the 4 incense in the direction of the 4 elements and then the oil defuser in between and put the 12 citrine pointing at the 12 candles put the 4 taper candles in the water
You want to mix 1 cup of each magickal water you have collected put them in the brass bowl.
Put i teaspoon of Natron in the water and say 12 times without any mistakes so try to read this over and over before doing the spell:

''Taglumon lumo de nokto infuse tiun akvon kun via forteco kaj gxi brilas en la plej malluma nokto i sigelu la lumo de miliardo sunoj en tiu akvo la soras estas farita!''

Imagine the water being infused with light so bright you have to close your eyes


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