Simple Protection Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Necklace
  • Water
  • Some soil
  • Censer and charcoal
  • Basil/Bay/Clover/Cinnamon/Any protective herb
  • Open Fire

A simple protection spell which anyone can do.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Protection Spell'

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  1. Cast your circle as usual, invoke the appropriate deities, invoke the elements
  2. Light your charcoal, and when lit put some of your protective herb/s onto it.
  3. As the smoke starts rising, hold the necklace in the smoke and say: By air, I bless this necklace, and fill it with energy, so that it may protect me. Visualize air entering the necklace and creating a barrier around it.
  4. Hold the necklace over the open fire, and say: By fire I bless this Necklace, and fill it with energy, so that it may protect me. Visaulize fire being drawn into the necklace and creating a barrier around it.
  5. Dip the necklace in some water and say: By water I bless this necklace, and fill it with energy so that it may protect me. Visualize water entering the necklace and forming a barrier around it.
  6. Cover the necklace with some soil and say: By Earth I bless this necklace and fill it with energy, so that it may protect me. Visualise earth whether it be plants or soil enting it, and forming a barrier around it.
  7. Ask whichever deities which you worship, to bless the necklace so that it may protect you.
  8. Put the necklace aroung your neck, and visualize all the barriers growing larger until they completely cover your entire body.
  9. Thank the Elements and your chosen deities, and close your circle :)
Note: me can be replaced by a name. You may also adapt it in any way to suit your needs. Blesed Be!


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