Oath to Nyx

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blessing oil
  • Altar
  • Full moon drawn with Nyx's blessing on an altar cover
  • Sage
  • Sweet Grass
  • Red rose petals
  • Black rose petals
  • 1 red candles
  • 1 blue candles
  • 1 purple candle
  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle

This spell is a method for which to request aid and declare loyalty to Nyx, Goddess of the Night.

Casting Instructions for 'Oath to Nyx'

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   =>Oath to Nyx
Smudge the altar, the candles, and yourself with the Sage. Place the Sage on the altar and let it burn out. If you have the flats of your altar facing the four directions then put the four candles on the altar with blue in the North, red in the South, black just behind the blue, and white in front of the red. Purple should be placed in the middle. If you have the corners of the altar facing the four directions then place black blue in the North, black in the East, red in the South, and white in the West. Still, purple should be placed in the middle. Light them in this order regardless of arrangement; Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple. Now chant the following;
''Nyx, great Goddess of the Night, husband and lover to and of Erebus, mother of Moros, Thanatos, Hypnos, Charon, Nemesis, and the Fates, I ask you to accept my loyalty and my love as your follower and servant. I ask for your protection and guidance, bringer of the night, I ask for your wisdom and blessings.''
Re-light the Sage if it burnt out and light up the Sweet Grass. Use the Sweet Grass to smudge the altar, the candles, the rose petals, and yourself. Place the Sweet Grass next to the Sage and let it burn out as you visualize Nyx sending you her protection, wisdom, guidance, and blessing. Once the Sweet Grass and the Sage burn out again let the petals drop from your hands to the gaps between the candles and the herbs as you chant:
''I am [your name]. I am a Priest/Priestess for my Goddess, you, Nyx, if you will have me. This is my request and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, my faith never waver, my love never weaken. Please have me and bless me as your servant.''
If you have a dream that you feel was sent by Nyx in which you are her follower then this spell probably worked, but be warned, if you cast this spell and do not show your love and faith through your actions you will suffer from the Curse of Erebus. So act wisely and only cast if you truly have love and faith for the Goddess of the Night.


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