BOS Protection Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your BOS (Book Of Shadows)
  • Right Hand
  • A hiding place for your book. (optional)
  • 4 white candles (optional)

Protect your Book of Shadows from snooping eyes, and unwanted people.

Casting Instructions for 'BOS Protection Spell'

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Place your BOS on the floor, table, etc.. (optional part. place the 4 white candles at the four corners of the book and light them).
Hold you Right hand over the book and say "Whom-so-ever views this tome, Power's ebb and flow be known. Bespeak to none the scribed marks here, or know the meaning true of fear".
After you say that trace with youe index finger the Rune Thorh.

With your Right Hand still over the book say the next lines,"Aloud, the cast is set in stone. No pleas recanting will atone. Silent caution by thy guide. Choose not these words to set aside".
Trace with your index finger the Rune Odal.

Right hand over the book say "Invited shall the blessing be: Three fold thrice as three time three. In knowledge sought and wisdom gained. The learned way is thus maintained".
Trace with index finger the Rune Wyn

Last one, Right hand over book say "If theft of power be thy goal. Then cease thy wandering through my soul. For cursed will thy person be, Threefold thrice, so mote it be".
Trace with index finger the Rune Haegl

Now if you choose to hide your book. place it in its hiding spot and trace the same runes over the spot like u did over the book. THORH, ODAL, WYN, and HAEGL.

Then send up your own quick little chant to the gods/goddess, asking for them to keep your book/hiding place safe and protected from wandering eyes.


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