Simple Protection Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 6 Candles
  • Salt or Chalk
  • Mind
  • Visualization

Ever fear of something might happen in the future like you friend is gonna not be friends with you or you just need protetc ion from the dark magic around you well here's a spell to protect you.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Protection Spell'

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Okay first before we get to the spell you might be asking well why do we need visualization and or the mind well first we need to think using the mind and since some people don't have enough ingredients or the right ingredients or none at all then I've used a method I would like to call Mental Casting as I said before some people don't have ingredients so what I do when I don't have mine with me and I need to do some casting I visualize a white endless room or a black endless room and imagine the ingredients in front of me and do the spell, with that being said let's get onto the spell and remember if you are visualizing it then just imagine whats in here.

Take the chalk and draw a pentagram with a circle then place all the 6 Candles on the points of the pentagram and imagine in either the room in your imagination or the real thing a force field of white magic and white magic colors around you that will do it so wipe off the chalk or salt and blow the candles out and if your in the imagination room open your eyes and the spell will have been done.


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