Summon Wolf Spirit

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Tools:
  • -Pot or Cauldron
  • - 2 candles(any colour)
  • -Wolf heart (you can buy from the SoM store)
  • -Wolf eye (you can buy from the SoM store)
  • -Lighter
  • -Picture of a Wolf
  • -Water
  • -Sticks(to light up the pot or cauldron)
  • -Wooden Stick (to stir the potion)
  • -Potion bottle

If you want protection, then this is the spell. Summon a wolf spirit to protect you from the devil. I used to be disturbed by ghosts, but after I did this, I didn't feel bothered anymore, hope this works for you too.

Casting Instructions for 'Summon Wolf Spirit'

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Stick the picture on a wall, light the two candles which you will put aside (the picture must be between the two candles) , then light up the pot or cauldron after, pour the water into it, stir the water with the wooden stick smoothly and slowly, then increase the power by little every one complete turn, while stirring say this chant x5: water grow strong, water come along, change the fate, then it shall bait the sins of the unworthy. After, slowly put the wolf heart, then the wolf eye, stir it again slowly and smoothly. The spell will depend on your feelings, so stop the stirring when you feel its the right time to. When the potion is finished, pour into the potion bottle. Lastly, throw the bottle to the picture of the wolf. If the candles is still burning, it means it will come to you, but if the fire dies then it will not come to you. Well thats the spell!

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