Protection Jar Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • dill seed
  • cinnamon (ground, or stick, either is fine)
  • hore hound
  • cedar (you can fine at hardware store)
  • rosemary
  • fennel seed
  • flax seed
  • mugwort
  • agrimony
  • blue vervain
  • sea salt (MUST HAVE, or regular salt)
  • red candle
  • jar (any size depending on how many ingredients you have)
  • pins
  • needles
  • tik tac (anything sharp)
  • something to grind herbs with)
  • and something to represent your element(match:fire, water:water,sand:earth, fav stone:wind)

As it says it the title, it's a protection jar spell, protection jars are used for warding off evil so none of evil may enter your house. ( Evil as in spirits )

Casting Instructions for 'Protection Jar Spell'

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you dont have to have all the herbs listed, but if you dont have all of them use at least 5-6 including the SEA SALT.
1. set up everything you have on your altar or the floor, where ever you want to do the spell.
2. get the herbs and grind them (if you have a cinnamon stick dont grind it) while grinding the herbs just think about protection, and warding away evil.
3. when your done grinding the herbs put them in the jar
4. then get something to represent your element and put that in as well, stir the mix with another cinnamon stick, when done mixing put the cinnamon stick in the jar.
5. now get the sharp objects and put them in down wards( WARNING: always remember if you want something to come towards you put it in up wards, if you want something to go away from you point it down wards, you want protection not the opposite)
6. now that the sharp pieces are in light the red candle and drip wax on top of the mix in the shape of a pentagram, not a full one but at least dot it were it would line up.
7. now close the lid and your done with the jar, go outside and dig a small hole, about the size so your fist will fit or bigger depending on the jar size, and put it in the ground( HA YOU dig the hole on your property)


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