Protection Spell for a House

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A glass bottle
  • Rich earth
  • 3 hematite stones
  • 3 obsidian stones
  • 3 red jasper stones
  • 3 drops of wine or liquor

A simple yet effective charm to protect your home (or even your car!)

Casting Instructions for 'Protection Spell for a House'

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When to do it: at the dark moon

(This can also be adapted for a car; just use a smaller bottle!)

Here?s what to do:

1. Cleanse the stones by burying them in salt for at least twenty-four hours. Remove them and empower them with your need for protection.
2. Wash and dry the bottle well, visualizing it being cleaned with white light at the same time.
3. Pour the earth into the bottle, adding the nine stones as you do. As you drop each in, say, ?Protect me.? Visualize the power growing every time you add another stone.
4. When the bottle is full, drip the three drops of alcohol on top, saying?

Spirits of the Earth,
Protect thou my home
Prevent evil from entering
Reverse its flow
Keep me safe
So mote it be!

5. Place the bottle by your front door, or by the door that is used the most often. If you desire, you can make one for each door in the house. Alternatively, you can bury the bottle by your front doorstep.

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