Doorway into another World

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A spell to bring you into another world. I have not yet tested it myself but I hope to soon and will update after.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A key
  • String or a chain
  • Paper(optional)
  • Pen(optional)
  • Amethyst(optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Doorway into another World'


Step 1: Attach the key to a piece of string or a chain and tie it around your neck.

Step 2: Visualize whatever world you want to go to, it could range from a TV show to an anime or book or land of any magickal creatures.

Step 3: Keep visualizing and stand in front of the door to your room(with you inside if your room), put your hand on the door knob, and say the words;

"Away I go and out of sight,
I will be gone until I deem the time is right,
Forgotten from memories until I am back,
While I'm gone in a new world as my presence lacks,
Time will pass just as is,
Lives will go on just like this,
Through this door is what I see,
This is my will, so mote it be."


Step 4: Close your eyes and open the door. Once you have walked through the door open your eyes and you should be in whatever world.

Step 5: To get back take off your key necklace and hold it at the end, spinning it counter-clockwise while saying the words;


"My time is up, it is time to go,
Back to the place I know,
Home is where I wish to be,
This is my will, so mote it be."


Close your eyes when you start saying the last line.

When you open your eyes you will appear in the open doorway and you are free to go.

-Time passes just like it would normally, i.e. you leave for 30 minutes and when you come back 30 minutes have passed.

-You may want to write down the chant to get back because you're screwed if you forget. (This is what the paper and pen are for.)

-Whatever is in your pockets or in your hand and everything that you are wearing will come with you though it is suggested that you do not bring a lot of things or any other living things. This is the same for anything you might get in the other world.

-Referring above, any injuries or sicknesses will stay with you too, i.e. you skin your knee while you're there when you come back you'll still have a skinned knee.

-Although I said that you should stay away from bringing other living things with you if you do the spell with a friend(they have a key necklace and chant with you) there won't be any negative side effects and it should work just fine.

-Vizualizing is important but putting power and will into your words is just as important, try and keep the two equal when going to the other world

-While you are gone no one will go looking for you, just like it says in the chant to get there.

-Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, vomiting, dehydration(not deathly), weakness, trouble speaking, and tiredness when arriving there and coming back though they wear off withing minutes.

-Also, be careful in whatever world, especially if there's a high chance of death. If you die there you die in the real world. And, if the world you are going to is say a book, it is not wise to break the fourth wall.

-To help with traveling have a piece of amethyst in your pocket or wear any jewlery with amethyst on it. This is optional though since not everyone has amethyst.

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Last edited on May 19, 2019
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I tried this out and it didn't work, did I do something wrong? I visualized everything, I wanted to go to the Harry potter world, did it not work because I had something attached to the chain, it was a necklace, but I had a key on it too, or did I just not visualize enough or do I need to have more belief?

Jan 22, 2019
You aren't able to travel to another world with a spell, especially not a fantasy or made up world. Although many practitioners believe in alternate planes of existance, you can't travel into another world like this.

May 18, 2019
well,harry potter may only exist in the film. Harry Potter world doesn't exist in our real world. Besides,remember that film is completely different from real magick.

Oct 13, 2019
On the contrary HearthWitch it is very possible to travel from one plane of existence to another with magic because magic is simply the ability to control and alter the energy that makes up the universe, You simply need to have a lot of patience, will power, and believe that magic can do anything, and then you can do anything you can imagine with magic.

Aug 14, 2020
Did you guys forget that the multiverse exist?

Aug 14, 2020
If you wish to travel to another plane of existence, you can, but not by creating a physical door to step through. You project your astral form out of your physical.

Aug 14, 2020
Nice username reference, JustMonika. Your comment doesn't really mean the spell works, however. Nekoshema is completely correct, physical travel in this way is simply not possible. Also the multiverse is a hypothesis, not a proven fact.

Feb 13, 2021
In order to travel to a different world, try shifting :) I can't explain it very well but it's kinda like lucid dreaming except you're actually there. You go to sleep and one way or another get brought into a different reality where you can touch, smell, and taste everything there.

May 20, 2023
why is everyone a hater

May 21, 2023
As it's been said before, nobody's being a hater, they're teaching people the difference between real and fake magick because there's a ton of misinformation and newbie witches can't tell the difference because witchcraft is such a vast ocean of things its difficult to know where to begin. Especially if you spent your life up until this point watching media that portrays magick as sparks flying from wands and witches riding on broomsticks. [being told that's not real magick can be a bummer, but it's better you learn reality on day one instead of years down the line when your spells all fail and you give up in a huff] Also, side note, nobody's going to stop you if you read all of these explanations and go ''Forget you people, I'm going to cast this anyway!'' My old history teacher used to say there are 3 types of people. You tell a group of students the stove is hot and don't touch it. The first group will take you at your word and never touch the stove. The second type will hear what you said, but still touch the stove to be sure [his favourite type to teach, and I agree] but the third type is the worst type of student. They will deny the stove it hot, touch the stove, get burned, then touch the stove again and keep hurting themselves because they refuse to admit the stove is hot. Everyone you think is a ''hater'' is simply saying ''The stove is hot, don't touch'' and whatever you choose to do is up to you.

with the right elemental power/magick power yeah it might work you'll never know the unknown till you try it....

Feb 28, 2019
don't poo poo on peoples dreams and hopes it's morally wrong to do so

Feb 28, 2019
As stated, magick will not assist in traveling to another world. However, astral projection will assist in that. Nobody was trying to put anyone down, but rather help those who are not as experienced in the craft.

Feb 28, 2019
Morality is personal, I find it morally wrong to not help people when you can. You cannot physically go to another world, I suggest studying astral projection should you wish to try going to another world.

I have a question. Do the key 🔑 need to be real and if so what kind of medal?

Apr 04, 2019
It doesn't matter what key it is. This spell will not work. If you want to travel to another world, try astral projection.

Oct 24, 2019
User526362, what I'd we CANT astral project?

If anyone actually likes to help other people then what are good spells that anyone would suggest to people who are not tricked by any of these fake spells sorry if I am asking a lot but I’m new to this site

Jun 21, 2019
What sort of spells are you looking for? People on this site are usually incredibly helpful, but it's easier to point you in the right direction if we know where you're trying to go.

i was trying to find a spell to find true happiness and away from my family or like to another place where things would go good and theres magic and happiness but i dont think that will happen

Oct 24, 2023
Me too I'm so sick of my family sometimes I wish I want even human

does it work?

Aug 09, 2019
People have already answered this question in the comments above and said that no, this is a fake spell.

Oct 13, 2019
It will work if you have enough patience and will power, and believe that it will work. If you doubt the spell it wont work.

Aug 14, 2020
Kyraya, no matter how much believe you have..the spell will not work. There is a limitation to magick, this spell does not work, it’s fake.

Kaisa The same, (I don't mean this in a rude way, but play answer truthfully,) have you tried this Spell?

I believe you my dear friend. But I wonder if you and I could come up with something that also involves making a door of your own? Speak with me through messaging to see what we can create.

To anyone that reads this comment. PLEASE LISTEN!! You an do anything you set your conscienceness to, the key there being your conscience. The universe is here to guide and help you in your journey of life. Study things like the hermetica, the emerald tablets of Thoth, etc. and I PROMISE, you will be able to see the world far more clearly than you ever though was possible. NOTHING is impossible as long as you believe, but always remember, that the universe rewards hard work.

Nov 11, 2022
Wow that is deep

You cannot physically step into a fictional world.

Does this spell actually work, I haven’t tried it yet but I will like to. If anyone has any pointers that’ll be great.

Jan 01, 2023
It absolutely cannot work. You can pretend and imagine as much as you like, but it won't make this any kind of reality.

Can someone tell me if real spell like this exists cause I'm tired of my family and want to disappear

Oct 24, 2023
No. As it's been stated in previous comments, this spell and others like it unfortunately will not work. We can't physically travel to other worlds or planes of existence.

Has anyone tested this? I was gonna try it myself I notice no one has added another comment since 2019 unless someone forgot to after trying the spell.

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