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I see many people who try making psi balls and fail. So, here is a technique that worked the first time I tried it and it was amazing!
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Casting Instructions for 'Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way'


Before doing a psi ball (chi ball/energy ball) you should know why you are using it, or what you are going to do with it.

You can give someone protection, or luck, positive dreams, give them a jolt of energy, cause a psychic attack, bring happiness, strength, or you can even make it rain, sunny, windy, or manifest something, use it as a wish spell, etc. There is so much you can do with a psi ball! And the good thing about energy balls, is that you don't need candles or herbs or crystals, however, if candles, herbs, crystals, etc make you concentrate, than use them if you wish! Use a candle if you are especially connected with the element of fire.

Before I begin, I just want to say, everything below is from a girl that goes by the name Skye. She's amazing, and she's the one that wrote this technique, so I am taking NO CREDIT. I think this is some pretty important information, so I wanted to share it! Here you go:

Making energy balls is all about feeling energy within yourself. In most cases however, if you are using the energy for a purpose, it's best to take from the Universe. The Universe is far beyond what we humans can take from it, so don't feel bad about taking it! The Universe is full of raw, loving, positive energy. It's meant to be used!


Sit up straight, cross-legged, as if you were going to meditate. I mean, it technically is a form of meditation. Hold your arms and hands up as if you are holding a ball. Hold your hands apart by about 2 inches or so. If anything, Think of it like Goku performing a Kamehameha Wave. It's similar. In fact, if you'd rather, there's TONS of videos on YouTube about making energy balls, if you need a visual! To use your own energy, which I actually do more often: Close your eyes and imagine either-- --Your energy flowing through your body like your blood.


Your energy centered at your core/Solar Plexus (yellow chakra behind your naval). Then, imagine it going up and out your arms' length, into your palms and fingers, and out into the space in between. Imagine it forming into a ball shape (it can be anything, but they're not call balls for nothing).

To use the Universe OR Mother Earth's energy: Close your eyes and imagine either-- --White light coming from the Universe, down to your body, through the top of your head, through your arms, into your hands. OR --Golden light coming up through the floor like vines, wrapping around your legs, slowly progressing up your legs, into your body, up and out your hands, into your hands.

 If you wish to make the ball bigger, slowly spread your hands farther apart, while keeping focus on the ball. Going back and forth slowly and lightly, as if trying to press your hands together, should allow you to feel the ball. You should feel a sort of force or energy is there.

If you wish to make the ball denser, same thing...Except, slowly bring your hands closer together to push the ball into a smaller shape. In both cases, you may add more energy as you wish. How much goes into it, its shape, its size - all depends on you

If you wish to just use a ball for practice, whenever you feel ready, just slowly lift your hands and release the ball, like you're releasing a bird to fly. The energy will disperse into the air. Open your eyes and that's it!

 If you wish to use the ball for something, you must first Shell it. To do this, imagine more energy going around the ball, creating a casing/shell/shield, once you feel your ball is complete. Doing this will give the ball a "solid" outside, keeping the energy held together. That way, once it's released, it will not disperse.

This is the term for putting a task or intention within your ball.

There are multiple ways to do this-- --You may give the energy into your ball with the intention in mind (ex: you want to heal someone, so you focus your energy in a healing nature, put in healing energy) OR --You may wait til the ball is complete and shelled. Before releasing it, you may either think intently on what you want it to do, or physically tell it what to do. Keep the intention there until you feel the ball "understands" the programming. OR you may do both, if you want to be super sure.

~A note on Programming: Only give it simple, single tasks. If you want it to do a number of things, it either will not do certain ones, or it wont do anything at all. For starters, give it one simple task.

Also, it doesn't always work. Even I have had times where the ball doesn't do its job. It happens. And it's alright! Failure happens. It's a learning experience. No shame in it.

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This is a great method that I've done for years and would recommend

Very simple ways to start making psi balls. Personally I gently rub my hands together before doing any of these to get the energy flowing.

Apr 25, 2019
I read this comment after posting my own. I like our different approaches to rubbing hands together haha.

Jun 23, 2019
I can't tell if it's working or not. I can't seem to get energy from the Universe.

Oct 07, 2019
Is it normal for a tingling sensation feeling?

Oct 08, 2019
yes, tingling and heat are two common signs it's working

Nov 21, 2019
When I did it, I felt cold in my hands, as if all was being taken away as it was made. Should that happen?

Nov 21, 2020
So the best way to create a psi ball is through friction?

Energy balls! These are what started me on my path of pure energy work and got me so excited about magick when I was younger. I like to furiously rub my hands together before I start, it really helps to build energy and focus.

Oct 24, 2019
I’m young now (12) is there anything you can recommend from when you were learning??

Oct 13, 2020
Don't give in to anything that's fake or the ''only'' way to do something.

Feb 05, 2021
Wolflame You need to be atleast 13 to have an SoM Account

Awesome!Being relatively new to all this I didn't really understand the concept of harnessing different energy sources.

It works. Woah its so cool

Hey, thanks for the new method!

Wow I'm kind of new to doing magic but I thought I'd try this out and it worked! Thanks and anyone who's reading my comment who isn't sure if this will work, you should really try it.

I felt a tingling sensation in my hands when i did this. Does that mean it's working?

Jul 31, 2019
yes, most people feel a tingling heat, or light pushing on your hands [kind of like when you put two north pole magnets together and they try to repel each other]

what happens if it works??? can you see the energy ball!?!?

Jul 31, 2019
some people can ''see'' energy [similar to how some can ''see'' spirits] but it's energy, it's not physical, and not a physical thing you can see. when it works you should feel a warmth, tingling, slight pushing on your hands from the energy, and when you use it [say roll it along your arm] you should feel the warm sensation pass along your skin.

Thanks for the information.

Great clarity and well written! One needs this kind of descriptiveness for form creation, or one is lost in 'feeling' it properly. Like all energy work, give clear intention to your energy.... an arrow may fly straight, but without this it can never hit a target. [KYUDO]

When you say psychic attacks? Do you mean like throwing it at someone/something and it causing actual physical damage to an object?

Sep 19, 2019
You cannot do physical damage with psi balls or magickal energy. When you attack someone with psi balls or magickal energy you are sending negative energy towards them and this can lower their mood, made them feel weak, cause them to get sick, have bad luck, so on [this is what a curse is] you can also send positive energy towards them the same way and it would bring positive things [this is how all spells work, focus energy, direct it on a path, energy effects energy to bring change]

Wow, the details for the process makes it easier for me to understand. I'm only a beginner and I already understand how to make a PSI Ball and why I should. Thank you for this and I shall do this on my free time.

Nov 10, 2019
Hi me (yes it was my old account I deleted it)

Apr 26, 2021
Can You Tell Me How To Delete Old Account

Apr 26, 2021
If you still have access to the old account, log in, go to ''edit'' on your profile, scroll to the bottom, you'll see a spot to delete your account. Type in your password and click ''delete account.'' It won't remove posts/spells/articles from the site, but your account will be gone.

This is a great process! Thank you for making it detailed, so we know exactly what to do

I love the way this was said. And it is very big and true of you not to try and take credit for this I remove my hat to you for your honesty 🌹

So I did this about 2 times with some results. They were misshapen and dispersed before I could correct them, so I guess I need to learn to focus a bit harder. I tried a third time and just started to feel cold. I'm new to this but I'm guessing that means take a break. I will diffidently be using these instructions in the future.

i could actually feel it! magick and stuff seems so cool! im gonna practice more!

What if you connect to emotional energy

its easy to master and with enough training ou can do it with one hand though it will be really hard, I am still working on mastering the one handed psi ball even after two years

Should I feel my hands a bit warm and hurting a bit (not from heat)?

Feb 27, 2020
your hands should feel warm, if it hurts, I would stop and try later. You're not use to the sensation. Nothing bad should happen, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Is it common to feel tingling in your hands, but not in your arms as you try to move the psi ball?

Feb 27, 2020
the energy is pooling in your hands, so it should feel warm and tinglie. While rolling it across your arms, you should feel warm, but the tingle sensation it might or might not happen. [I've heard both. Personally, I'll feel heat when placing a psi ball on my arm but not the tingling sensation, that's just in my hands.]

I was so very close. I must work on my concentration. I felt the energy begin to warm my hands, then lost it. For someone with six siblings, one would think I could concentrate better.

I tried using energy from my body instead of the earth mother or the universe and felt drained,hope no one says ''that's why they didn't say to use your own energy''.just so you know,I wanted to try it with my energy to see what would happen.I also am not good at many spells,the only spells I am really good at are illusions(probably because of my third eye).

is it good to listen to music when making a psi ball

I tried this creating the psi ball for about 8 minutes straight and tried to make it attack my brother (softly) just so that he wouldn't try to ruin my meditation again which he does every time I meditate and it didn't seem to work. does anyone have any tips for me on making psi balls easier and are you supposed to see them when you make them? I don't know. also whenever I try making one my hands always start getting very hot so I know I am making them.

Apr 29, 2020
Method one is the easiest. I start by gentry rubbing my hands together to get the energy flow started, but then I do that method of cupping my hands a few inches apart and visualizing an energy ball. It probably won't be visible unless you are able to see energy, auras and/or spirits, but you can learn with practice. Yes, your hands would feel warn because of the energy, you might also feel a tingling [like when your leg falls asleep] and/or a slight push on your hands similar to pushing two positively charged magnets together.

can one 'accidentally' make a psi ball? Like i was reading this article and was trying to memorise the steps when suddenly i felt a tingling in both my hands(the one in the left one was stronger than the right one by a wide margin but still it was there in both hands). And my hands were nowhere near each other.

Jun 03, 2020
You can charge energy without realizing it. Shaping it into a ball takes more effort [you need to actually shape it] This is why you need to be mindful of your energy and emotions. There's plenty of stories of people getting upset and unintentionally hexes someone because they get worked up, which charges energy, and they say something they regret. The evil eye is basically that. You charge negative energy and glare at someone.

This really works

I'm 15 years old and I've always been so interested in magick. I always knew it was real and I never believed all of those spells that say you can fly or teleport. But I've always felt strong energy in my and that's what has made me start doing this. I hope I learn a lot more :)

so um what happens when you shell it? Does it go away?

Oct 13, 2020
The shell makes it impossible for the energy to disperse. Shelling is also required if you have an intention for that energy, like healing, sending someone good energies, harming someone, or anything with an intent.

Oct 18, 2020
bro did you even unlock your aura

Oct 18, 2020
@ simmiku, your aura is a natural energy field, it doesn't need to be unlocked [you can connect with it and learn to work with it, but you don't need to unlock it in order to create psi balls] @ DemonFoxy while you can shell it and place it somewhere for later, you can also store it inside objects and yourself [thought being overly charged can be a bad thing, so visualize a shell around the psi ball before storing it]

For those who feel warmth and tingles, how do you differentiate magical energy sensations from purely physical sensations? If you rub your hands together, friction is going to cause heat and your nerves will also respond. If you're focusing on your hands, that's going to increase blood flow to your hands and that will cause them to warm up.

Oct 20, 2020
Good question, firstly, you're gently rubbing, not vigorous or with any pressure [your hands should be barely touching and you're just slowly running your hands across each other while you're charging energy] As you're rubbing your hands together, you should also be pulling energy into your body, so you should feel energy entering somewhere [I typically feel it on my shoulders like two rays of sunlight are being focused on my shoulder blades] Once you begin to feel the warmth from the energy entering your body, stop rubbing your hands together and cup them a few inches apart as if you're holding something the size of a softball. Your hands will have a slight friction feeling, but soon you should feel warm through your arms and a slight pushing against your palms as if magnets are pushing away from each other. Expand your hands and the push will weaken, bring your hands closer together and the push will be stronger [not a major repel like you can't close your hands, but you'll notice more resistance] Hate to say it's one of those things you need to experience to know the difference [maybe I'm bad at explaining] but try it and see. Hope that helped.

When I release energy from any part of my body (mainly my hands) they're tingly and cold, is that normal because most people as I can see feel warm and it's a little weird for me

Nov 02, 2020
Of course! Everyone is diffrent and you may just be more attuned to feeling energies as cold! Or you could be visualizing it as a cold energy, either way this is normal and unless you feel like the energy is getting dangerous you shouldn't worry.

Nov 03, 2020
Okay! Thanks a lot!

Is it visible

Nov 12, 2020
Not with your physical eyes. Some can see energy clairvoyantly though.

Ive been making psi balls for years now it was one of the first things i learnt however i had no idea you could shell and programm them

the moment you realize that in Elementry school they taught you how to make a psi ball in science class. 0.0 exsplaining friction

I heard that leaving energies around the place is bad. Any explanations?

😅I wanted to know more abt how that energy can be used.I always wanted to use chi to do something I've tried to heal myself it worked but dunno If it worked on the other people (including some little kids) also is it similar to nen(hunter xhunter) and other stuff ?

😅I wanted to know more abt how that energy can be used.I always wanted to use chi to do something I've tried to heal myself it worked but dunno If it worked on the other people (including some little kids) also is it similar to nen(hunter xhunter) and other stuff ?

It felt as if my hands were going stiff and all the energy in my body entered my hands and then my hands were being pushed apart and I couldn't close my hands again until I stopped, Did it work?

Apr 11, 2021
100% that's a major sign that it worked.

i felt a pulsing/tingly feeling in my hands!

Will we be able to see the psi ball or is it more so just something that we can sense?

May 21, 2021
It is energy you can sense. There are other methods you can use your hands for to sense energy as well. One I've learned is pushing the palms of your hands together then moving them apart slowly and repeating this process. If done properly you may begin to sense the energy between your palms alongside warmth or tingling sensations.

I wish I could save this, this is very helpful thank you!

May 31, 2021
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