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Name: CreekofLost
Birthday: Jun 1
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
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The Basics

  • Spiritualist
  • Buddhist - Zen / Tao / Dao
  • Naturalist
  • Synchronicity
  • Earth Spirit
  • Empath
  • Oneness

These are my main areas of interest pertaining to here, but many more. Open, honest and trusting are my way of living and I live deeply in all ways. I am empathic as well, which as those who are know this is not easy, but it is my way.I believe the path to enlightenment can be attained through DMT and Magic mushrooms. But I warn you, do not open a door you are not ready to walk through..

IMHO I-Ching to be a true form of prophecy for the path of the soul. Additionally, although I have not worked with it, theholy table, has had credible reports of working or spirit contact, although dangerous and harmful to oneself in use. I would like to research use of the psychomanteum further, and should one need to contact the dead or spirits, it seems to be a 'safer' way to do this.

Conversation ?

Open to chat on these subjects or others. I am willing to help those who wish it.I would love to hear from you. When will it happen? .... synchronicity ... Also I am available on Discord for conversations.

Also I have been thinking about holding a live video session in the forest with people remotely via Discord. Maybe a night walk or setting up a place forsomething in the woods? Contact me to discuss possibilities.... it will be in the late spring of 2020.

This Weeks New Music Favorite

  • Sampa the Great - Final Form or Energy (feminine energy, Mama God)
  • Oliver Tree - Introspective
  • Pixies - on Graveyard Hill
  • Aurora - The Seed
  • Health - Slaves of Fear

Personal Growth Areas

  • Remote viewing - Ingo Swann method
  • Direct connection to enlightened world - MM and hopefully DMT
  • I-Ching - Divining

Inspired Talks - Ideological / Understandings/ Perceptions

  • Alan Watts
  • Terrance McKenna
  • Sadhguru
  • Jordan B Peterson
  • Alain de Botton - YouTube Channel School of Life - Talks "Sex" and "Love"
  • G I Gurdjieff - The Fourth Way

YouTube - CondensedKnowledge

  • School of Life
  • Big Think
  • Kurzgesagt
  • Academy of Ideas
  • TED
  • Pursuit of Wonder
  • Unlock Your Life
  • After Skool
  • Masters of Wisdom

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Ravens Gate is accepting applications for those wishing to expand their knowledge in a supportive friendly, no drama environment here and through discord with multi-platform applications. Generally speaking you will have a probation period, as we value the community and select those wanting to contribute, learn and work together with us.

A Calming Chant for You

Maymylight guide me in all it's forms;

Light and Dark, we flow together, not apart.