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Ever since I was a young child I knew there was more to life than what I was being told. My old house was built very close to a civil war battle field and may I just say there was more than old horse shoes on the property! This already traumatized land also had a portal in my basement. Demons, angels and everything inbetween often interacted with me and terrified me so bad I just shut out all my special gifts. Many years later in late 2017, I decided I was tired of being depressed so I made it my life goal to explore and learn all I can about this bizarre universe. I have experimented with divination techniques, rituals, conjuring and energizing objects or places. With every day my experience grows. I have become very good at meditation and relatively familiar with the most common sprits. I was born a healer and I am constantly growing and improving my techniques. Always seeking knowledge. I love to help and assist people if I am capable of it. I will not lie if I can't do something and all advice comes from heart. Feel free to contact me on snapchat @davidobal_1 Please note that I will only respond on snap if you send me yours via the SOM mail system.