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Larn to make a psi ball to help you learn healing, telekinesis, and energy magic.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An open mind

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PSI is a form of energy and making PSI balls is nothing more than making a ball of energy. You are in reality molding psi energy with your mind and hands to form the psi balls into a round shape. The vast majority of the time people call them psi balls, however, you can construct them into the shape of a psi square or a psi brick or any other shape you may choose.

To start to make a PSI ball, you want to first get your hands attuned to feeling energy. This is easily accomplished by holding your hands in front of you, almost like you are praying. Then lightly rub your palms together to create a small amount of heat.

Feel the PSI Balls Energy in your hands

Feel the sensation of that heat in your palms. Now move your hands apart slightly. Just a half inch or so will do. You will notice there is a slight difference in the feeling of the heat in your palms. If it so happens that you have lost the feeling of the heat completely, just take a moment to rub your palms together again.

Once you know what that heat energy feels like with your hands a half inch apart, move your hands about 2 inches apart. The feel of the energy should change but you should still be able to feel the energy.

Now slowly move your hands closer together and feel how the energy changes. It may take a few tries of moving your hands closer and further apart in a sort of bouncing motion. Moving them just an inch or two at a time but not to the point of actually touching. Eventually, you will realize that the energy between your hands is starting to compress.

Compress the PSI Ball Energy

Continue to bounce your hands as written above. After a while, the energy will begin to feel like a ball between your hands and you may have to pull them a little further apart to allow the energy to build. Basically what you are doing is as you are pulling your hand apart, energy flows between your hands. As you push your hands together, you are compressing the energy. All the while you are compressing the energy between your hands, keep your concentration on your hands and the energy between them.

Giving it extra PSI Ball Energy

The real energy jolt behind all of this, comes from when you use your mind to pull energy from the universe and compress it into your psi ball.

It is important to not use your own personal energy to build your psi balls with. It will leave you drained and has been known to make people cranky and hard to get along with. The universe has a never ending supply of energy so why take your own?

Visualization is the key here. Visualize a stream of pure white light coming from the center of the universe and streaming down into the top of your head. You can allow this white light to fill you entire body, energising you first. When your body is full, then see the energy flowing down you arms, through your hands and into your psi ball.

Continue to compress the psi balls as more and more energy flows down your arms. As the psi ball gets bigger, just move your hands slightly further apart until you make it as large as you want it to be.

PSI Ball Decisions

How big to make it? That is up to you. You can make it larger by slowly moving your hands further and further apart as you compress the energy. You can keep it smaller by limiting how far apart you move your hands.

What should you do with it after you make it? Again that is up to you, but it is best to do something with it. Too many stray psi balls of energy laying around can cause a build up of energy within your environment and cause undue stress on emotions.

Some of the possibilities are: 1) program the energy to do a specific function for you. 2) pick a designated place to put it so you can come back to it later to make it bigger, stronger or program it. 3) return the energy to the earth to be reprocessed.

When you program the energy of psi balls to do a specific function for you, it can also be called a "thought form". I've heard it called many other names with one of the most memorial being a "golem".

Programming a PSI ball

To program a psi ball, involves giving it a specific instruction. It is best to keep the instruction as short as possible and you will get better results giving it only one instruction rather than a set of instructions. How you give it the instruction varies with your personal taste. I've known people that spend hours concentrating on the instruction they are giving their psi ball. Others talk to the psi balls almost as if it is a pet or a friend. Still others will send the thought down their arms and into the psi energy ball. You must decide what works for you personally.

Where should you put your psi ball to store it? I suggest in a drawer or closet but any place where it is not apt to be walked on or through should be just fine.

How do you return the psi ball energy to the earth? The easiest way for me is to place the energy ball on the ground (or floor if you are inside) and allow the energy to basically melt or dissolve into the earth. See this happen in your minds eye (visualize). Where your thoughts go, energy flows.

How do you know for sure you made a PSI ball? Most people can not see PSI but they can feel it. When you were making your PSI Ball, did you feel the energy building up between your hands? When you compressed the energy between your hands, did you feel the energy pushing back on your palms? Some people, (not everyone) will feel the PSI as a tingling sensation between their palms. For others it is simply the feeling of something compressing between their hands, almost like you have a nerf ball between your hands. It is heavy enough to put a little pressure on your hands, but not heavy enough to feel solid. If you experienced any of these feeling, you made a PSI ball.

Another test you can try is to see if someone else can feel the energy. If you have a friend over, slowly bring the PSI ball toward them and see if they feel the energy. If you have someone that is learning along with you, hand the psi balls to them and see if they feel the energy. With a little thinking, you can come up with a whole list of experiments you can try with a friend to see what your PSI balls are like.

Friends and Psi Balls

When you have a few friends over, try handing them a PSI ball. If they have never worked with PSI balls before, explain to them what to expect, anything from a slight tingling in the hands to a warm sensation and tell them to pay attention to how their hands feel, then hand them the PSI ball and see what they feel.

After they get a little experience under their belt, you can make your PSI balls into different shapes or colors, hand it to your friend and see if you friend can pick up on the shape or color you made your PSI ball.

I hope this short tutorial has helped you. This lesson may be reprinted without notice at any time as long as this writers resource box and links is kept intact.

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this is the best guide it really works

I must point out that heat from rubbing your hands together is generated by friction, so just because you feel heat doesn't always mean you're feeling psi.

I felt the heat, I'll try again

Is it normal for my hands to get cold? I know people have said tingling/heat is normal, but my hands felt chilly.

May 27, 2022
Yes. With psi balls or energy work in general, any kind of reaction is normal, as long as it's not physically harming you. For me, I started getting lightheaded my first time, and my whole body just felt hot. It's different for everyone.

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