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New Website - Updated. Need new members. Learn spells and rituals, become apart of covens, packs, and 'families'. Learn about abilities and supernatural beings, paranormals, and discuss what is real and what is not on supernaturals, aliens, etc. Interested? Just go to Or, just click the site above.

Want to skype me? My username is ToxxicWishes71 or just mail me your skype name. I do NOT teach, but I will ask questions. Also, I don't message people a lot, so Don't skype me to just "talk".

I make spells based off the ingredients, if any, that you have. Feel free to ask.

Welcome to my Bio :)


If you are going to message me: I'm not looking for perfect grammar, but don't message me saying something that makes no sense.


I make spells, but do not always charge the spells, yet I teach how to charge spells. So, if you want me to make a spell based off what you have (what candles you have, herbs, threads, etc) then mail me!


I study magick and supernaturals by personal experience. If I ever research, I put it in a "in theory" pile until I prove it true or false with personal experiences and experiments.

You may also be wondering why I joined the coven Spell Casters, the one that is open for everyone, if I am experienced in spell casting already, and probably should search for something higher? Well, to be honest, I joined because I want to post spells. I feel that I should educate those who want to learn, and that being in a "higher coven" is just a label. If that makes since? :) Anyway..on to the rest of my bio!


Please don't mail me with bad grammar. I understand if you get something wrong here and there, but I would rather not read a whole run on sentence that makes no sense whatsoever So, in short, read your message before you send it.



I make spells, so if you want a spell, or need any help, I'm here.


A little about me


many people assume that you can only be one kind or have one ability. Of course, this is not true.


So, with that said, here is my abilities along with a little background. Note, I do not expect you to believe me. If I told this to my past self two years ago, I wouldn't have believed a word I said. But, don't mail me saying you don't believe me. Have some common sense.


1. I am a Future Inducer of three types. I have wish manifestation, sometimes I call this hour-glass wishes or luck. With this ability, I am able to wish for nearly anything. Of course, if I wish for too much, it recharges itself. Kind of like an hour glass, were it flips over. The time of it recharging depends on how big or how much the wishes I used are. Sometimes it may take an hour, a day, five days, or longer. Often not longer.

Along with this ability, I often have a lot of luck. Of course, when this ability is recharging itself, my luck disappears with it, and I end up often having bad luck, yet sometimes this doesn't happen.


Can I wish for others? Yes.

Does this sound like a genie? Yea, I get that a lot.

Can I grant you a wish for you? Probably not. If I like you enough, I might.


I can induce the future by writing This, actually, can get quite annoying. See, I have a passion for writing stories, and often these stories are crime, mystery, tragedy, hurt, supernatural, etc. Often, its based off my own life with a twist..a little hurt, mystery, etc.

Don't think so extreme though - not every little detail happens. It's often little details. If I keep the story more general, less details, it has a higher chance of working. A.K.A. If I keep the story more general, or more boring, it may work.

I like to write stories with details, so gladly, this prevents this from happening. However, I have noticed that when I start writing (physically writing, by the way) stories with a lot of detail and preparation, I, along with people that are in the story if they are based off of someone, may end up getting bad luck.

So, why don't I just not write stories off my life? Off my friends, or people around me? It's not that simple. They're interesting, My life can be interesting at times (depending when) and this mystery can be hard to ignore and write on paper.

Finally, I am a Morte Inducer. In other words, Death Inducer. It may also be called Mort? Sonos. Which means, I am able to kill by singing. This is often called Death-song, death-sound, or even siren song. Does that make me a siren? No, not exactly. All these labels like vampire, werewolf, siren, etc...these are just names. I just adapt these names at times.

Now, you may be feeling like the thought of having death-sound is too unbelievable, or possibly scary enough that you just choose not to believe it. I understand. I didn't believe it even when I questioned it when i noticed it was possible.

How I do it: Well, you know this famous song based off the black plaque? Ring around the rosies? Yea, thats the song I use. I didn't "pick" it or anything, or perhaps I did when I was younger. Ironic, huh? That a song about a deadly disaster can be used to cause even more tragedy?

So, how does it work? Honestly, I am still testing it out, so I don't know all the rules. I don't like testing it out much. But, anyway, often I do this at night. I sing the song a couple times and spin slowly around, think of the person I want dead, and how I want them dead. I at first started off with my boyfriend's abusive dad. I was in another state at the time, but I couldn't wait to see if it would work. I wanted him to have a heart attack, and he ended up having symptoms of it.

I was confused, wondering if I could cause it? I told myself it was nothing, just a coincidence. But, as I told my friend she reminded me that he has a shield. -Facepalm- I completely forgot. So, instead, I practiced on a criminal.

And it worked.

When I do this, immediately after I am drained of my abilities. Meaning, all my abilities are gone. Five days, minus four hours later, they die, and my abilites are back and stronger than ever. During this, their spirit or soul is no where to be seen. After five more days, my abilities are back to normal, and their soul is seen once again, but often the soul is black.

I guess you can say I eat souls. I mean, not literally, but I think it's quite humorous.


2. I am a seer

I have empathy and in case you don't know, this means to feel other's emotions. A higher form of empathy (yet, is not empathy) is to be able to feel and sense anything someone else feels or sense. this includes smells, thoughts, memories, etc. For example, someone could randomly spell a drug, and randomly think of a certain person, and that person may be doing a certain drug even though they are 1000 miles away. Makes since?

I can sense energy For the record, nearly every supernatural has this, or can develop this. This means, I can sense general energy. Energy from people, from plants, etc. Supernatural energy often is larger than any other, and by this, I can often tell what type of energy someone has (light, dark or type O), what kind of supernatural they are, their past, etc. I can sense it, as well as sometimes see it.

I have premonition and retrocognition In other words, I can see the future, past and present of myself, others and things. It's easier for me to see the future of myself, and the past of others. Which is kind of funny since i have a bad memory and can't remember my own past often.

I have death sense sometimes, this can be called a banshee Yes, some people may think a banshee as a spirit who screams or sings before someone dies, but like I said, this is just a name I adapted pretty much (if that makes since.) Basically, I tend to sense death before it happens. However, i get mixed signals with animals.

Finally, I can sometimes see auras.

3I am a dream walker

basically, a dream walker is someone who can enter and alter someone's dreams. I am pretty much a newbie at this, but if someone advances in this ability, its possible that they can also induce fear, nightmares, moods, etc. Often people who are dream walkers are able to perform astral projection as well.

I have only performed astral projection once but it doesn't count exactly, since it was from a spell, not from natural abilities.

4. I am a half- caster

In other words, I can only do certain spells. For me, I can do every spell except beauty and good health.

I am an elemental of three kinds:

Sound, soul and heat.

I am able to see sound waves and molecules. (sub element: sound)

I am able to drain heat from people. (element fire, sub element heat)

and obviously, the sub element of soul is being a Morte Inducer.

Which, I am a Drainer/Drinker of two kinds: soul and heat.

Also, note: Just because I have all of these abilities, doesn't mean I'm extremely powerful. In fact, the more abilities you have, the harder it is to be more powerful sense you are not focusing on strengthening just one ability

Need help on anything supernatural? Mail me. You can email me, kik me, skype me, text me, etc and I may give you that information as well. Also, please visit my site!


"I wish all your dreams come true...but keep in mind, nightmares are dreams too.~"