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Hey there,

My name is Kaia Blackwood. At least, that's what my pen name is.

I'm a Witchy blogger (, and I work under the pen name Kaia Blackwood due to privacy reasons, although I am fairly open about my beliefs in my personal life.

Besides a blogger, I'm also an author, mentor, freelancer, online store owner, student, and eclectic, solitaire witch.

Basically, that just means I don't follow a set spiritual path.

I've been practicing witchcraft for over 10 years, plus ever since a young age I have experienced abilities such as death sense, wish manifestation (things coming true when I state it out loud, write the wish, write stories, or through song), mediumship abilities, and even heat absorption (from people, not items). If you want to learn more, feel free to follow my blog,, by signing up to my newsletter (, which I'll be discussing more in the future.

My inbox is always open, but before you click 'send' I'd appreciate it if you look over this quick list that shows what I will and will not respond to.
* Random chit-chat. I'm a busy person so I would appreciate it if you don't send me random messages, especially non-magick related because I just don't have time for them.
* Comments and feedback You can send me feedback on my spells and articles or even my blog, and I will read them, but most likely won't respond.
* Questions/Mentoring I'll try to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, and help you with magick-related problems, but I do not do mentoring (unless you are willing to pay. You cannot expect me to waste my valuable time. Although I love helping people, that's what my blog is for.)
* Back to back messages The moment you send a message again just because I didn't respond to the first one is the moment I decide that your message is not worth my time. Have some respect, please. I'm a busy person.
* Asking for readings/spells If I respond, I will politely decline. Unless I posted in the forums that I'm offering services, but those are always limited time and limited readings only. Other than that, please don't ask.

With that being said, I still love reading messages people send me. I will try to answer any questions or take in any suggestions.

Kaia Blackwood.

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