Three Nights of Hell

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It is to be used only against one's most dangerous enemies. When cast once, it causes its victim to suffer three days of traumatizing/immense physical pain and nightmares. If cast twice on a victim, the victim will be injured severely.

Casting Instructions for 'Three Nights of Hell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • Picture(photo)of enemy
  • Mental Concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • Picture(photo)of enemy
  • Mental Concentration

Take a black candle and place a picture of thine enemy in front of thee and tilt the candle so the wax drips upon the would-be-victim in the picture. Visualize the wax burning sores into the body of thine enemy. While doing so, recite the following incantation three times:

"As I do this candle spell,
Bring mine enemy three nights of hell,
Candle black, black as night,
Bring him (or her)pains of flesh tonight!

Lesions (or Legions)on his (or her) skin will grow
Afflict him (or her) with a painful blow
Sores and pain afflict him (or her) now,
For three nights he (or she)will wonder how,

Dukes of darkness, Kings of Hell,
Smite mine enemy, bring him (or her) hell,
Within three nights of pain have passed,
Make him (or her) well, well at last!"

Finishing instructions: After sitting and thinking about the sores that this will inflict on thine enemy and the pain he (or she) will suffer, thou may extinguish the candle. When three nights have passed, tear up the photo and say the following incantation:

"When three nights of pain endured,
I lift this curse, rest assured.
Darkness leave him (or her), go away;
The curse is lifted now, today!"

Final note of advice: Use the pronouns him or her depending on gender of enemy. If one wishes to kill his or her enemy, you'll need three different photos of the particular victim to cast the spell three times. For a person to die from this spell, this curse must be cast on that person three or more times in the same month.


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Ya know what I'll use this on my ex

Mar 03, 2020
I think i will join you on that

Mar 05, 2020
We need to form like a cult for this. I third this motion. I will too

Mar 14, 2020
i am actually going to as well

Apr 09, 2020
Haha me too

Jul 01, 2020

Jul 22, 2021
i think ill join in and use this on my toxic ex

Aug 15, 2021
I am a little late but count me in

Sep 06, 2021
we are now making a cult

Sep 12, 2021
doing this on a friends ex. lol

Oct 14, 2021
lmaoo joining

Oct 14, 2021
Count me in =/

Apr 21, 2022
how are your targets?

Oct 01, 2022
better yet, do it on your ex's loved one as I'm going to do it'll burn them harder to know it was their fault

Oct 02, 2022
@Romero2906, I don't know your situation, and I'm not here to say not to curse someone [I do curses] but I wish to caution you about targeting innocent people. The universe has its way of keeping the balance, and if someone harmed you, and you target their loved one instead, the universe might turn on you [granted, if you curse the person who harmed you and their loved one gets hurt in the process, that's different. This is targeting someone they care about directly. Personally, I curse the victim and bless their loved ones to make it seem twice as bad for them] If their family also harmed you, or they're all somehow involved, that's different, but casting a death curse on their dog because it would hurt them, don't be surprised if the universe turns on you.

May 19, 2023
i did and he broke his back...

Jan 01, 2024

its perfect

Does this work ??

Apr 07, 2024
If you know how to direct and use energy and just know how magic works it can work, however i don't think you can do this without training on witchcraft/magic

Do this really work

Jul 08, 2020
it works i did this a week ago and she is still scared

I have used it a few times, the girl I used it on posted on Twitter that she was in so much pain she thought she would die. It could just be coincidence but it's definitely one that I will use in the future.

What if you don’t have a photo of the person what else can you use

Dec 15, 2021
in time of internet it is problem with photo? If You really have none, write full name of victim on paper and visualize person while casting this spell

What if I don't want to lift the curse? What will happen?

May 30, 2020
The victim dies

Oct 01, 2020
The victim will die, either through suicide, or by an event that will kill them. Don't cast this spell. This is serious black magick, the Three-fold Law will fight back, no matter who you are or why you did it

Oct 01, 2020
@Moonfury, I applaud your warning, but two things, one magick is intention, not colour. While I don't condone death spells, some use them as a way to get revenge on murders and rapists. Secondly, the threefold law is a Wiccan concept and not a universal belief. While I believe the universe has a way of keeping balance, not everyone believes in this law. Most people are affected by the large amount of negative energy they need to charge in order to cast death spells. Anyway, for anyone contemplating a death spell, think before you cast. While your anger can add more energy to the spell, most grow to regret casting in anger. I don't know if this specific spell works or not, but death spells shouldn't be cast for fun/experimentation.

Nov 20, 2020
In a situation where the enemy also wants to kill you, will the threefold law apply?

Nov 20, 2020
Threefold Law isn't a universal law, it's a law of Wicca, and even then it's up for debate [some believe it won't if you're acting in self-defence, but others would argue it's still harmful] If I were you, I would reflect on your morals and ask yourself if it is right or wrong and that's your answer. [that's the thing with witchcraft, while there are a few rules of nature you can't contradict, the majority of witchcraft is ''if it feels right, do it'' many cast circles starting in the east and call on the traditional 4 elements, but if you prefer the south and want to call on non-traditional elements, that's fine] Personally, I believe if someone attacks you first, you can push back, but that's not for everyone, and how hard you push back depends on the situation in my opinion.

Mar 16, 2021
@nekoshema not gonna lie but your first comment on this was giving me major death note vibes ^ ^

Mar 16, 2021
@1_black_rose was it the murderer's line? I can sort of see the Death Note vibes, ut it doesn't make the belief any less true. Some people use death spells for justice, but like with Death Note, at what point do you become corrupted? While death spells aren't as easy as in the anime/manga, if a coven focuses enough negative energy, it's possible to curse someone with such force, they could die. [while I know people who have successfully cast death spells, I personally don't feel humans should meddle in life and death]

I'm going to use this to whom will harm my kids..

Aug 19, 2020
lol same.

Can someone cast it on me

Sep 01, 2020
but why? A

Jan 11, 2021
Ya depressed or somthing? O_O'

Apr 15, 2021
Why should you wish suffering upon yourself? No-matter what you may be going through, I promise, people care about you. Hold out and stick through. Even if you were joking, I want you to know that you are loved.

what about bully's, and other people who have caused you harm - physical or mental. you can use it on them, to. not just annoying ex's.

Aug 04, 2021

Nov 01, 2021
It's easy to cause others pain if you don't know what true pain is and I wouldn't wish my darkest moment on my worst enemy because they wouldn't survive the situation I went through

Oct 14, 2023
Cast it on bullys and those who have hurt going to do this spell to

good spell.I definitely using it.

if you want the truth i personly think there should be a warning and what the outcome that could happen if cast incorrectly

Ohhh~ I will be using this soon enough....

Jan 24, 2021
Did it work ?

Jan 31, 2021
I couldn't mind a black candle TvT. (This is my other account I lost access to the original one)

If i dont have a picture could i use there name on paper ?

i want ri do rhis on my ex, hes a narsassist and has bullied me fir years, and has control of my kids and recently trashed belongings that meant alot ro me..

Jan 29, 2021
also i respect the 3 fold law and havent done anyrhing like rhis, can i balance it out by giving someonw luck for 3 days?

Jan 30, 2021
When it comes to the threefold law, people tend to misinterpret it as extreme karma. In my view [and most Wiccans I speak with] it affects your mind, body and spirit when you do good or bad. What is far more likely to occur and be misinterpreted as the threefold law, is when you cast, you charge energy into your space. Positive energy flutters around and you feel good. Negative energy weighs you down and sticks to things, making the energy stagnant and lingering far longer. The negative energy you charged is what makes you feel bad and possibly receive some bad luck. I believe curses are justified if it's self-defence [your ex was cruel, so you're giving him a taste of his own medicine] so if you see this as morally justified, you shouldn't have to deal with the negative effects of the threefold law [which is a Wiccan concept and not something every witch is bound by. I don't follow it] But if you're worried, cleanse once the spell is done and you'll be fine [you'll also get a clean slate with fresh energy in your home]

What if I use a white candle? (I couldn't find a white candle TvT)

Jan 31, 2021
I meant black

Jan 31, 2021
Well, this is a curse, so black is traditionally the one people go with. But I also know of some witches who use black candles instead of white because if you take a box of crayons and put all the colours one on top of the other, you don't get white, but black. So, they see it as containing all colours. Really, unless you are using colour correspondences in your spellcraft [intentionally using a colour for its magick symbolism, it shouldn't matter] Historically, witches tools were things they had lying around the house. White was the colour most available to people. Athame's sound cool, but they're just black-handled knives. A besom can be a pretty addition to your toolkit, but it's simply a broom. You could buy/make one from specific wood and twigs, decorate it with ribbons and flowers, or simply enchant the broom you purchased as the dollar store.

Does this spell work? I’m going to use it on someone.

Mar 15, 2021
Yes it does! Remember to lift the curse after 3 days or the person dies.

Does it need to be a black candle? Or can it be white?

Jul 22, 2021
a white candle is fine, it is a substitute for an color candle

If I did this spell and instantly regret it what should I do and will there be any precautions I should take or side effects?

Nov 23, 2021
If you think you might regret it then simply don't do it. But if you do anyway, you can probably lift it early.

very good

Gonna use this on my piece of shit roommate until they either die or leave my property.

Sep 29, 2021
Okay dont use this as a last resort. Please file a restraining order or something and if they die and its not by suicide you'll probably be a prime suspect for sed ''murder''.

If I don't have a picture of my enemy can I use a piece of paper with their name written on it instead?

Aug 23, 2021
I guess you could, but write their full name (Don't take my word for it though, I'm not entirely sure).

whats with karma?

I did this spell after being very angry and I feel much much better. No regret.

Aug 28, 2021
Have you seen your enemy since casting this spell?


What if u don't have a physical picture?

I just did this

Nov 14, 2021
Did it work?

This is a good one!!

I have people I am planning on using this with.

I just tried this... what do you do with the pictures after the wax is dripped on them? Do you keep them or burn them?

Does anyone know what you do with the pictures after dripping the wax on them? I did this on two women making my life a living hell. I had 3 pictures of both women and am curious to know If the pics are kept or burned or just tucked away.... I need to know what to do with the wax covered pictures. Can someone answer this please?

Nov 30, 2021
According to the spell you should tear the pictures up.

Dec 15, 2021
to lift curse, tear the picture... to let the spell work, store the picture on safe place...

Does it have a specific time to cast the spell? Cuz I tried it and it doesn't work. Maybe it's the timing or that I don't have enough hate and rage in me to make it work. Need advise on it

My ex stole my babies / I long for them. Anyone willing to help please

Apr 23, 2023
Use the spell.

Apr 23, 2023
NAH IM JOKING just talk with em mate

Dec 13, 2023
Maybe you can tell the police...and use this spell on your ex.

For anyone it has work for, how many days did it take for you to see its effects on the subject?

Can I cast this as an warning? Giving my enemy bad luck for days but not end up killing them?

Mar 15, 2023
This spell is far too simplistic to kill someone. You're focusing your negative energy while dripping wax on a picture. At best this spell will cause misfortune, so you'll be fine [just be aware of your energy and while casting, focus on them having bad luck and not getting sick. That way it specifies what you want to happen to them while removing the risk of causing too much harm]


I do have one question about this particular spell... Is there a way to remove it before the three days are up? And can it be removed from yourself or deflected back at the sender?

Oct 14, 2023
The intent and design of this spell is to have a specific time-frame. So once the energy of the spell is released it is set and difficult to recall or change. Not impossible though, especially because this spell has an ending rite as well to close and end the effect. That 'finisher' ritual might need some modifying to the words but it would theoretically be doable.

Just be aware that the spell involves inviting dark (by the specific terminology possibly goetia) entities to contribute to the attack they are also being released to 'play' for three days. They might get upset at being called off early so be prepared to give some sort of offering or compensation for cutting their fun short.

As for removing such a curse if it has been cast on you, or returning/bouncing it back, again, in theory yes. But dependant on a few factors. It would be a pitting of your will and conviction against the will and malice of the one who set the spell. I imagine there are three courses of action you might take;

Ride the curse out, with extra care and attentiveness to yourself and your actions and surroundings. Three days might suck, but all you need to do is deal with it until that time passes. ...Call-in sick, stay home, drink some tea, and take a long-weekend in contemplation of how you earned such ire.

Or actively fight against/banish the malfeasance. Cleanse, empower, banish, clear, and then protect yourself and your space. And then contemplate how you earned such ire.

Or, uplift yourself so it no longer has effect. A much more challenging thing as it takes realizing your part in the situation, learning from it and using the experiencence as a tool of personal growth. Then applying that lesson in gratitude of becoming a better person. In short understanding that if you are being cursed as a revenge, you just might have done something to deserve it. So you should figure out what you did, how it caused harm, and how you could be a better person to not do it again.

Should I use this on somebody who dumped me and hanged out with this other person...and the dumping made me feel as if a hole is in my chest though I want to be best friends with this person? Should I use it on her?

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