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Name: SanneD
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I am here because my daughters and I are being tortured by the man I married
He has taken them from me. Courts ignored protection orders broken bones, bruises bloody lips, no coats or shoes in winter and even ignored Dwi with girls in car where a pedestrian was fully run over when the husband i married was water drunk.
The more I begged the courts for help the more they protected my husband.
I have had zero contact with my babies for four months. My soul feels dead. My heart jus hides inside this empty body.
Any purpose I had to fulfil is on hold because a mother ripped from her babies is an empty shell. My desire is to be with my daughters to hold them and live them while helping them make new discovery about the days that pass.
Anyone willing to help I welcome. I invite help from all . I emplore you . Return is together in this dimension and realm immediately. Thank u