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I mostly read other people?s spells but recently I have been making my own. I have only made one spell so far, and I made it today, and it worked. Here is the spell: https://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/health_spells/health_spells/27208/page.html#comments ~ New Years Eve, 2020.
I also can write spells for other people! It may take a couple days because I want to see the side affects and dangers before I give it out. I would feel terrible if someone got hurt from I spell I created. Just message me if your interested in a custom spell!!! ~ New Years Day, 2021.
I have recently been doing tons of research on magick and have gotten really interested in astral projection lately. I am studying energy, candle magick, meditation, and stuff like that to help me with spells. I am focusing on visualization and clearing my mind mostly. Even though I am not fully new to magick, I’m really researching it and not just like: “oh here’s a spell, cool, all I have to do is say some chant and something will magically happen.” I have really been focusing on charging energy, strong intentions, and understanding what magick really is. Don’t come to me about fantasy spells. I will be annoyed if you do. Go to the General Spell forums then the pinned threads if you really want to understand magick. ~ February 13, 2021