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Name: BlackBook122
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Hey, my name is Alex. I watch a lot of anime and i have a slight obsession with wicca.
My intrests in wicca is casting magick circles. Pretty odd (I see Brendon) I also like demons, satan, and vampires.
My mail is open to anyone, although dont mail me constantly, as i am a busy person. I would like to be friends with people, but i need to get to know you first.
I have no idea what else to say.
Oh, I know! The reason it doesnt say that i have a gender is beacause i dont have one. Im not role playing, it is cause im non binory
My favourite bands are: Slipknot Five finger death punch My chemical romance Green Day panic at the disco Fall out boy The cure The smiths Ramones Black veil brides The used Linkin park Hollywood undead The white stripes Vocaliod Paramore Cavetown Yungblud Billie eilish The sex pistols Nirvana Blur Oasis Sum 41 Blink182 The cab Grandson XXXTENTACION Black sabbath Iron maiden Skillet Thirty seconds to mars Set it off Rammstein NF Melanie martinez And many others
If you want more info...
Favourite Colour: RED!!!
Favourite Song: Rosuto Wan no Goukoku (The Lost One's Weeping) by Rin Kagamine
Favourite Shounen anime: Black Butler
Favourite Shojo anime: Vampire Knight
Waifu: Rory Mercury & Rin Kagamine
Husbando: Grell Sutcliffe & Aido Hanabusa
I can play Piano, Drums and a bit of Guitar and Ukelele
Well, thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my profile-- Safe travels !!