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Greetings and thanks for stopping by my page: My magickal name is Whitefirejade, This is the name I was assigned by the universe.
Welcome!I have always had a facination for both white and black magic... I am interested in learning the ways of them both. I have people who have done me harm and need to be punished until I feel they have been punished enough or the correct punishment is too great enough for the universe to help me with.
At the same time I want to learn how to protect myself and family as well and be able to help heal others as well and I want to learn over all how to correctly use the spells when called for. I want to learn as much as I can but I am not into animal sacrafices nor will I get into that.
I am getting ready to start the process of taking an academy course to help me achieve this. I do not believe in sacraficing animals as I am an animal lover and cannot and will not bring myself to do harm to them.
While I have an interest in this stuff, I do not post stuff like this on my facebook wall due to family. I want this stuff kept in private and OFF of my walls. If you must contact me with spells and such, please private message me or leave them in my inbox where I can read them privately. You may always send me a friend request!
A few things about me, is that I sing, love music and I love cats. I am interested in learning the following:
candle magic, the basics, casting spells, dark magic to name a few and would like to have a seasoned witch or wiccan teach me what they know about becoming a witch. I would like to learn as much as I can and be able to use the spells. I however am not (incase I mentioned it, into animal sacrafice).
I'd rather heal them and learn their communication ways rather than killing them. I would like to also develop my physic abilities that I have had as a kid and would like to use those to help people and communication with those who have gone before us. I'm not sure yet which one between the white and the dark magic I prefer most even though I'm facinated by them both, but I am sure I'll figure out things the more I get used to this site.
I'm here to learn before I can teach..Part of me is leaning towards the white magic side and part of me is leaning towards the dark magic side...is that a bad thing? How can I tell which direction to go in or pick one over the other? I have dealt with personal experience with the paranormal as well but I really want to learn the ways of becoming a witch. Is there anyone out there who can teach me with what I need to know on becoming a witch ?(meditation, training and getting in touch with chakras,etc should not require being naked) Thanks. Any help would be grately appreciated! If you use skype you can always feel free to add me at iowacatgirl1977.
Please check out my other facebook pages at www.facebook.com/whitefirejade7077 and https://www.facebook.com/whitefirejade.(Note: You may contact me thru messaging without adding me but if you want to view pics and see my other information, this is where you will want to add me as a friend on my (whitefirejade profile only). The other fb page, please like us! This page has no restrictions.
I am doing this because of family and others who I do not want knowing about this stuff. So it is a security measure, not that I don't want people not seeing anything of mine) Also please click like when you stop by to visit. Please check out my personal website at above link! Please click like on my site if u could to help me out.thnx
Blessed Be!
White Fire Jade