Gender Coin Curse

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Can turn you into a girl. Will be permanent but can be reversable, results are slow but effective.

Casting Instructions for 'Gender Coin Curse'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Coin
  • White candle
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Coin
  • White candle

Light candle. Say 3x while holding coin over candle

"This coin will hold the power,
to change my sex,
heads for change,
tails means not, this change will not wait,
for now it will be fate,
whomever flips this coin,
and lands or heads will change their sex,
So mote it be!"

Set coin down with tails side up to cool off. Before flipping coin say once "Change, the change I wish for".  Flip coin


Added to on Oct 28, 2014
Last edited on Nov 17, 2019
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Won't work I think.. Magick cannot change our physical shape.. Correct me if a am wrong.

May 17, 2019
You are correct. Magick can't cause physical changes. Someone could achieve this through medical transition, but not through magick.

Aug 14, 2019
there are beauty spells out there but those can be explained by the law of attraction. You can't unfortunately change your physical nature using magick.

Aug 14, 2019
A beauty spell to be viewed a certain way is one thing, this claims you can flip a coin and someone is suddenly the other gender which isn't possible.

Nov 01, 2019
correct me if im wrong neko but hormones are natural things right for a mtf spell all you would realy need to do is activate the brain to create aromatase somethign the body can produce to change a gender and thus should be able to be done by entering a theta gamma state completely natural and fully posible not as the spell is curently worded but meh

Nov 19, 2019
@Innerdarknes Magick can't change your gender if that's what you're saying.

You have to believe in magic if you dont believe then you wont get results plus it takes time...

Mar 17, 2020
It doesn't matter how much you believe, you need to understand how magick works on the physical plane. It is a natural energy, ruled by nature, that brings natural change. It doesn't contradict nature as this spell claims. [if this was the astral, then it would be possible, but not physically] You could cast a spell to help you present more masculine or feminine, a wealth spell to save for the procedure, even a healing spell to help with the recovery, but no spell will change your gender [if it did, I would have helped out my transgender friends with it.]

What do you mean by ''curse''? Wouldn't you think this is pretty degrading to the transgender community? Exactly what are you trying to imply here?

Mar 29, 2020
This doesn't work at all, so no worries there [seriously if you could change someone's gender with a spell I would have helped my transgender friends instead of them having to deal with hormones and surgeries] but I think this person wrote this as a way to mess with cis-gendered individuals.

If you are going just tell everyone that it can only happen through surgery then you don't truly believe in magic. There are plenty of science sites you can go join, so leave the people who actually believe alone.

Apr 02, 2020
We are on this site because we follow a Pagan path and believe in Real Magic. If you knew anything about Real Magic, you would know Magic and science work hand in hand throughout history. Magic is a natural force of nature that does not defy nature. Ask yourself, if something like gender transformation was possible, why do we not have more people doing it? If we could fly on broomsticks, why do you not see witches flying around today instead of being stuck in traffic? If Magic could contradict nature, why do we not have fantastical things occurring daily? Magic is very much real, but it has limitations like anything in nature. Keep studying and you will learn this too.

May 09, 2020
I think that Nekoshema is absolutely right, and they do great work all around this site helping debunk fake spells. Magic isn't truly magic, it's a form of energy that obeys the laws of energy.

If this spell was real I would certainly use it, you see...I am non binary..its difficult choosing male or female.

How is something both permanent and reversible? They are mutually exclusive. I'd say to pick one, but you forfeited that chance.

Aug 08, 2020
It is permanent in the sense that it doesn't wear off, but reversible because you can undo the spell or do the spell again.

Aug 09, 2020
This doesn't work so it doesn't really matter.

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