Cleanse your Wand

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This will cleanse your wand mail me if this works
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Wand
  • Grounded Sage
  • Visualization

Casting Instructions for 'Cleanse your Wand'

Take the sage and rub it all over the
wand after that, sit down and hold the wand in your writing hand, and point the tip at your other hand. Visualize black smoke or strings energy flowing out of the tip of the wand into your other handinto a ball like shape.

Do before every ritual or spell you cast
and your spell should have better results


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Its missing things don't trust it

Rub sage on it? I guess, but most people would burn dried sage and use the smoke. You can also sprinkle salt water on it, or use any number of cleansing herbs for the same effect. As you're cleansing it, yes, visualize negative energy leaving the wand, but afterwards hold the wand and charge it with your own positive energy so you can use it. You don't need to cleanse before every ritual, only when you feel it's got "muddy" energy because either it was used a lot for multiple things, or you let other people use it and their energy is stuck on the wand [personally I cleanse my tarot cards more than my magickal tools because only I use my tools and I keep them in a specific spot away from people when not in use, while my tarot and othe rdivination tools I have people hold and shuffle before a reading, so their energy rubs off]

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