Body Transformation

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This spell will allow you to change your body however you want.

Casting Instructions for 'Body Transformation'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • A pencil or pen
  • A crystal
  • A string
  • A mirror
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • A pencil or pen
  • A crystal
  • A string
  • A mirror

You draw what you want your body to look like in pen or pencil (draw the best you can but it doesn't have to be a Picasso). Crumble it in your hand, and tie the crystal to the paper with the string. Go to the mirror and touch it with your non-dominant hand and holding the paper and crystal in your dominant hand chant.

"Body, Body, Body of mine, I will you to change, change into the image of my dreams, by the power of the full moon I will you to change! Change into the image of my dreams! So mote it be!" say x3 (for best effects). Now imagine your body changing into the body you want.


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Last edited on Jul 17, 2019
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Can the Crystal be apart of a necklace? And if so, can I use the chain instead?

Jan 11, 2019
This spell is rubbish. Magic cannot transform you physically

I would put the picture on a vision board to further motivate me while using diet and exercise to create my desired outcome, but as a 'think happy thoughts and the spell just works' no, spells don't work that way [if they did I would be a millionaire with a unicorn]

What if you’re ambidextrous? I don’t really have a dominant hand and I was thinking of trying this spell.

Feb 17, 2019
It doesn't matter. Magick cannot transform you physically in an instant like that. It is more for motivation to diet and work out to get that outcome you are seeking.

i now despise the comment section for the fact of so much disgust and hate towards someone or their spells and beliefs.

Feb 25, 2019
who is being hateful?

Feb 26, 2019
Sorry if people come off as ''hateful'' but many people wish to help prevent people from wasting time on pointless non working spells that results in the new person quitting out of frustration. Not to sound mean but real magick is a natural energy uses to bring natural changes, not instant dramatic ones. Spells that claim you say a few words and poof you're a completely different person doesn't work because you still need to put in the effort. We live on the physical plane and are unfortunately limited by the physical planes natural laws.

Mar 22, 2019
I Agree myeesha

Jul 28, 2019
i agree people have the free right to this site to share their spells, thoughts and beliefs depending on their path if other people don't like that why are they looking at these spells

Jul 28, 2019
If people are free to share thoughts and opinions, Hazel, that means they're free to criticize spells. People point out that these spells are fake to help people learn. You don't have to agree, but we're allowed to point out facts.

I aggree with Tika, unfortunately magic cannot do such powerful things. A motivation spell would be better.

Rest anyone realise this is an illusion spell!

where do you get a crystal?! [dont @ me]

Mar 11, 2019
Depends what you're looking for exactly, but you can check this sites shop for crystals. You might even have a metaphysical or occult shop near you to buy some, or simply google the crystal you want and purchase [also, no one will shame you for asking this, we're here to help]

Do any of you know any dragon spells that work and is easy for beginners

Mar 21, 2019
Dragon spells similar to this, that allow you to change your body into a dragon are not real. You cannot change your physical form with Magick. We can work with dragonic spirits and energies but I would suggest studying a basic foundation of knowledge first.

it is deconstructive too say anything is impossible for your magick! Magick can bring about the impossible if you believe it. 1% doubt and you are out!

Mar 27, 2019
I'd have to respectfully disagree. I personally believe that it's possible to cast effective spells and have an inkling of doubt about them. I've had spells I doubted work wonderfully. As far as transformation specifically, it's impossible. Magick can absolutely do great things, but it can't go against science. If it's scientifically impossible for something to happen, there's no way for magick to do it.

Jul 26, 2019
TamiasMunk, magic is part of the natural forces of this world (so to say- I'm not an expert). We are able to harness it, but unable to command it. If you wanted to change the weather, with the right spell perhaps you could. But if you want to rewrite your DNA, that's impossible. You were born the way you are, and there's no changing it. I used to believe the same thing you do for the longest time, and as you grow up believing it, it's hard to accept the reality.

the only rebuttal I have is they thought flying or talking using wires was impossible too

Mar 27, 2019
You're allowed to believe what you want--I wasn't attempting to start an argument. However, the inventions you speak of were thought to be impossible out of lack of proof. We have proof that shapeshifting is impossible, because that's simply not how DNA works. We're able to study DNA fairly in-depth by now, and it's simply unthinkable to rewrite DNA to cause such drastic changes to occur. Also, flying and long-distance communication can't really happen with magick, either--the reason they're possible is with devices that allow that, so I'd say that even if somehow people discovered a way to safely rewrite DNA to that degree, it would require an invention, and still wouldn't be possible with magick. There are people who practice astral shifting, however, so you could look into that.

Mar 27, 2019
Technology is not a spell. Humans can not flap their arms and fly, but they can use an invention to fly, in a way some could argue this is magic, since magic brings change, but a spell where you say some words and can fly will never happen.

Mar 28, 2019
not meaning to argue either. just magick can do some amazing things, just we have'nt harnessed it right yet. and todays technology is yesterdays magic. Think of do a spell one uses crystals and energy for example...a tv uses crystals and energy

Intention is key in any spell or ritual magic. Without it you have nothing.

Apr 02, 2019
Intention based in reality is a key in spell work, just wanting or intending it to happen won't make it work if it is not realistic.

Apr 04, 2019
who is to say what is or isnt realistic? sure if I do a spell to grow a tail chances are I wont wake up with a tail (but nothining should be impossible to your diety/dieties) but the spell might make it possible to buy a tail tommorow (they do sell them) or in the future as gene editing and science advances...and then did not magick bring about phyisical change?

Ok so if you don't believe in these ''fake spells'' than why pay attention to them if that's the creator's goal

May 29, 2019
creators goal? the creator wants attention? maybe, but giving them ''attention'' isn't something most of us thought about when we decided to comment, it's mostly to warn others the spell doesn't work, how magick works, and to prevent people from wasting their time.

does anyone know good spells for beginners

Jul 26, 2019
maybe try a psi ball spell? I found that starting out small like this was helpful. Also, I'm going to recommend practicing meditation. It is used a lot in spells so practicing it will be very helpful

I get that a spell won't just transform your body overnight but wouldn't this spell help a little? Provided the person using it eat healthily and exercise? Even if it's just for a placebo kind of effect and that the spell does nothing to yout but helps you to stick to your diet mentally? (legit asking here)

Oct 23, 2019
i know there's many responses above, but it has been stated this can work as a motivator, or like with the law of attraction where you're visualizing the thing to manifest in your life, provided you go out and work for it. where people are arguing it doesn't work is the ''say this word and suddenly you've got your dream body'' sense, that doesn't happen, but you can use spells of this nature to motivate you before a workout, or during those tough times in a diet.

I'll try this and let you guys know if it worked

Jul 11, 2020
did it work at all

This could set your intention, but it will not physically transform you.

This will not work. Magic can’t transform you physically. If that was possible I’d be looking like Zendaya over here

do u spell or do we have to prepare for spell

Oct 23, 2023

Do you spell? Are you requesting if we cast the spell for you, no. While this spell does not work, the hope of this site is to educate as well as connect with other Witches so we can grow on our path.

If you are curious if you can simply hop off the couch, wipe the Cheetos dust from your fingers and cast a spell, or are you suppose to do a ceremony first? Technically, you can do both. It is better to prepare, but you can jump up after watching a film or show and decide to cast a spell. Most Kitchen Witchery is being present while cooking. But, it is recommended you treat this with a little spiritual effort. Take a cleansing shower, change into clean clothes, not ones you wore all day, meditate. Set the state for Magik to be possible. This raises the vibration in your space from mundane to Magikal. You do not need this type of buildup to every Magikal thing you do, but it does help you need to preform a more serious casting. Meaning, you are attracting wealth to you, not for something like a morning blessing or regular cleansing.

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