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Name: TamiasMunk
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Hello, my name is TamiasMunk! I am a friendly gay chipmunk who has newly discovered Wicca and proud to call myself a witch! I am new to magick and dont know alot about it, but enough to know I love it. I am here to broaden my knowledge and make friends. Yes, I am a furry, please do not hate. I am Autistic and sensitive. If you are nice, PM me. If you arent, please spare me the sadness. If you are furry, please feel free to PM me. If you are 18 or older feel free to say hi, if not, please dont. If you are chipmunk DEFINITELY PM me! Currently I practice a mixture of Eclectic Wicca and Therianthropy. Why are there limits as to what magick can and cant do? Because we put them there! "Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge is what we now know and understand; imagination encompasses all we will ever know and understand." ~Albert Einstien