Three Nights of Hell

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It is to be used only against one's most dangerous enemies. When cast once, it causes its victim to suffer three days of traumatizing/immense physical pain and nightmares. If cast twice on a victim, the victim will be injured severely.

Casting Instructions for 'Three Nights of Hell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • Picture(photo)of enemy
  • Mental Concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • Picture(photo)of enemy
  • Mental Concentration

Take a black candle and place a picture of thine enemy in front of thee and tilt the candle so the wax drips upon the would-be-victim in the picture. Visualize the wax burning sores into the body of thine enemy. While doing so, recite the following incantation three times:

"As I do this candle spell,
Bring mine enemy three nights of hell,
Candle black, black as night,
Bring him (or her)pains of flesh tonight!

Lesions (or Legions)on his (or her) skin will grow
Afflict him (or her) with a painful blow
Sores and pain afflict him (or her) now,
For three nights he (or she)will wonder how,

Dukes of darkness, Kings of Hell,
Smite mine enemy, bring him (or her) hell,
Within three nights of pain have passed,
Make him (or her) well, well at last!"

Finishing instructions: After sitting and thinking about the sores that this will inflict on thine enemy and the pain he (or she) will suffer, thou may extinguish the candle. When three nights have passed, tear up the photo and say the following incantation:

"When three nights of pain endured,
I lift this curse, rest assured.
Darkness leave him (or her), go away;
The curse is lifted now, today!"

Final note of advice: Use the pronouns him or her depending on gender of enemy. If one wishes to kill his or her enemy, you'll need three different photos of the particular victim to cast the spell three times. For a person to die from this spell, this curse must be cast on that person three or more times in the same month.


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Ya know what I'll use this on my ex

Mar 03, 2020
I think i will join you on that

Mar 05, 2020
We need to form like a cult for this. I third this motion. I will too

Mar 14, 2020
i am actually going to as well

Apr 09, 2020
Haha me too

Jul 01, 2020

its perfect

Does this work ??

Do this really work

Jul 08, 2020
it works i did this a week ago and she is still scared

I have used it a few times, the girl I used it on posted on Twitter that she was in so much pain she thought she would die. It could just be coincidence but it's definitely one that I will use in the future.

What if you don’t have a photo of the person what else can you use

What if I don't want to lift the curse? What will happen?

May 30, 2020
The victim dies

Oct 01, 2020
The victim will die, either through suicide, or by an event that will kill them. Don't cast this spell. This is serious black magick, the Three-fold Law will fight back, no matter who you are or why you did it

Oct 01, 2020
@Moonfury, I applaud your warning, but two things, one magick is intention, not colour. While I don't condone death spells, some use them as a way to get revenge on murders and rapists. Secondly, the threefold law is a Wiccan concept and not a universal belief. While I believe the universe has a way of keeping balance, not everyone believes in this law. Most people are affected by the large amount of negative energy they need to charge in order to cast death spells. Anyway, for anyone contemplating a death spell, think before you cast. While your anger can add more energy to the spell, most grow to regret casting in anger. I don't know if this specific spell works or not, but death spells shouldn't be cast for fun/experimentation.

Nov 20, 2020
In a situation where the enemy also wants to kill you, will the threefold law apply?

Nov 20, 2020
Threefold Law isn't a universal law, it's a law of Wicca, and even then it's up for debate [some believe it won't if you're acting in self-defence, but others would argue it's still harmful] If I were you, I would reflect on your morals and ask yourself if it is right or wrong and that's your answer. [that's the thing with witchcraft, while there are a few rules of nature you can't contradict, the majority of witchcraft is ''if it feels right, do it'' many cast circles starting in the east and call on the traditional 4 elements, but if you prefer the south and want to call on non-traditional elements, that's fine] Personally, I believe if someone attacks you first, you can push back, but that's not for everyone, and how hard you push back depends on the situation in my opinion.

I'm going to use this to whom will harm my kids..

Aug 19, 2020
lol same.

Can someone cast it on me

Sep 01, 2020
but why? A

Jan 11, 2021
Ya depressed or somthing? O_O'

what about bully's, and other people who have caused you harm - physical or mental. you can use it on them, to. not just annoying ex's.

good spell.I definitely using it.

if you want the truth i personly think there should be a warning and what the outcome that could happen if cast incorrectly

Ohhh~ I will be using this soon enough....

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