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To help those who need help with shifting.

Casting Instructions for 'Shifting Help and Methods'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Having done a spell to be a different thing/be a natural-born shapeshifter
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Having done a spell to be a different thing/be a natural-born shapeshifter

There are a few types of shifts, to start off. Whilst others have their own sub-types, many have these four: Fantasy, Phantom, Mental, and finally, the physical shift. The Fantasy Shift is basically doing a spell, visualizing the form you hope to have, or drawing it out. This is the easiest shift to accomplish. The Phantom Shift is a bit harder, it's feeling like you have the limbs/wings/horns, ect when you don't yet. It can be done by telling yourself 'I have a [Part]' over and over again until you can feel it and move it. Easy to accomplish, hard to master. The Mental Shift is one of the harder shifts. You put yourself in the mind of the animal, forgetting human thoughts and letting go of human impulses and take on the animal, and only the animal. Don't look at the animal, look THROUGH the animal. This is a slightly dangerous shift, as you can loose your human mind in it. Even in a strong M-shift, you may still have some (very few) human thoughts, maybe a word or two at a time. The Physical Shift is the hardest of the shifts. By the time most people could physically shift, a few do not believe they can do it, but it WILL! NEVER focus on the thought that it's not real, focus on the fact that it is! It's never been documented because, geez, would you want someone filming you while you shift? Probably not. To do this shift, you need an M-shift first, and then slowly visualize your body changing, growing, shrinking, whatever you need to do. After a while, you will feel it. For your first shift, go slow. Once you get your whole body done, visualize yourself opening your eyes but DON'T ACTUALLY OPEN THEM! Change them in your visualization, then open your eyes. If you've shifted, be sure to shift back, because if you're in your form the first time for longer than 30mins, you could never return! To shift back, just imagine from the animal to human, which should be easier. If you get to the part where you can physically shift, please message me and I can help you get your own method or finding which one works best for you and your animal.


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Unfortunately, (Im not trying to anger anyone) magic cannot create such drastic changes on the physical plane.

Mar 01, 2019
Thank you for speaking sense my friend.

Shifting and the ideas around it is a topic that becomes controversial very quickly. But, despite how hot-blooded it can be sometimes these sorts of discussions are important to have. It makes people face their ideas and see the challenges behind them. And, every once and a while hits the reality button when it is needed. After all, it is indeed ok to have your head in the clouds but only so long as your feet remain on the ground. That said, one must take into account the level and nature of shapeshifting being discussed, for there are many of both. And this particular article does demonstrate a few basic ideas, just in need of some grounding. The sort of thing that most people develop over time and maturity. There are multiple levels of shifting, from the purely spiritual levels attained through Self perception and usually related to astral projection/travel to dream working, auric work, shamanic journeying and shapeshifting, mentally shifting, and finally using it as a term for conducting deep personal change. But truly changing the physical shape and function of a human body into a non-human form is unfortunately outside of the realm of possibility. And even by the description of this article it follows that truth. By using meditation, mental focus, and visualisation you can manipulate the sensations and perspectives of your mind and body, to make it feel as if you are experiencing the presence of fur or scales, the shape of a muzzle or flick of a tail, or even the rustle and flap of wings. The exercise you can't open your eyes when doing the shift. That is because as soon as you open your eyes and look at your body the mind is reminded of your physical (and static) form. Then the sensations, however real they felt, would fade. An axiom I would like to submit to this discussion; it is true that no matter how fiercely you refused to believe in gravity, you'll still hit the ground when you trip. Though, to be fair, while the act of telling a truth to people isn't mean, even if they don't want to hear it... -How- that truth is expressed can be mean. And sometimes when a person has to repeat a statement many times in many places, the urge to take the considerable time needed to be gentle and constructive gives way to blunt brevity.

Feb 23, 2020
Ioved reading this [especially the last part. Trust me, I use to be all ''a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down'' but after months of repeating myself I just use the hammer of reality] yes, there are various forms of shifting, and there are many ways to do so. Unfortunately, the one that cannot happen, and the one everyone wants to happen, is physically shapeshifting. I really enjoyed reading your response, it was a breathe of fresh air.

So I think I have aquired the phantom shift because without even saying I have wings, I can feel the weight of wings on my back.

Apr 15, 2020
There is indeed a possibility that you could have constructed or otherwise formed energetic wings. Though you may have also hit on a more rudimentary first step anyways; collecting a highly focused mass of energy at your point of focus. It tends to feel like an area you focus on becomes warm as if flushed, tingly, and with a sense of weight. Try again, but while in that state lightly flex your shoulders and back as if you were moving wings. Visualize ths smaller details; How far does the energy spread out, can you feel the shape shift and flex, imagine opening and closing thd wings slowly. It is a fun energy-working exercise, .. sort of a more complex version of psi-balling.

You cannot physically shift. Magic on the physical plane does not defy natural law, ergo you cannot physically shift. You can mentally, spiritual and astrally, but not physically.

You cant physically turn into something, maybe mentally but magick doesn't work like that. Witchcraft is natural and shapeshifting is not natural or has any connection to nature.

I think, beside of course physically shifting, everything else is pretty accurate and should work. But I have to say that I recommend (When you are on astral level of shifting and you can control your energy) doing some kind of ritual that'll allow you to control your energy a little bit easier.

In the Philippines the're people called ''Aswangs'' based on the stories i've read/heard they are shapeshifters. They can physically shift for example; 0a crow, a boar, a monitor lizard, dogs, cats etc. They got their abilities through ancestry or you can get infected called ''yanggaw'' or ''niyanggaw'' sometimes out of your own volition or not.I think i got off topic. I just think they are natural shapeshifters

Oct 19, 2022
Such myths do exist, but somehow after a century or so of video equipment, and its vast improvement in both quality and portability, there is not one drop of evidence to support such claims, nor any sort of documentation of proof, attempt at study, no sort of demonstration whatsoever. You may believe in whatever you like, but it does not make it true.

Ritual kit can't afford with in my area where I live, and getting outside from anywhere, it become more expensive for me.

Nov 04, 2022
You don't need expensive items for magick. Yes, some spells may call for certain stones or herbs, but foraging is a thing, repurposing is a thing, raiding the spice section of your grocery store for supplies is a thing [not stealing, I mean buy a bag of bay leaves for ''cooking'' but use them in spells] Also, find a list of correspondences and switch items you don't have [rosemary instead of sage for example] Energy work also doesn't require items. Some prefer wands and athame's, but you can charge and direct energy by pointing. Place your hands around a glass of water and charge the water with energy. As you do so, think about your intention [luck, money, protection] then drink the water and you'll be charged with that energy [you can also leave a glass of water in the window during a full moon and drink that in the morning. It'll be charged with the moon's energy and you could make a wish]

Good, in detail guide on shifting! Great introduction for beginners. Everything up to the physically shifting is good! With the physical shifting part, it has been documented, but as far as I know its incredibly hard to find, and regardless the person providing it takes it down very quickly after harsh backlash. Theres no point to provide evidence, because nobody will believe it anyways. The shift you are explaining here isnt an actual physical shift. A physical shift may start like this, but once you mentally shift your animal will finish shifting you into your physical form (because you literally cannot use your human mind to logic your way into physically shifting) after you reach the barrier. It basically goes (what you explained) the barrier physical shifting itself. I would definitely recommend to update this guide by adding links to other sources! Many people will be lost if they have no way to check out other kinds of sources.

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