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A long article to help you shift if followed correctly. In perspective for wolves but can be used w/ any shifter.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Reading comprehension

Casting Instructions for 'Icy's Shifting handbook'


So, just to help you if you wanted some more shifting info, here is all the info I have collected and written on shifting:

First off, I would like you to know that I have only fully shifted around two times, but I have done some in between things. I, and I have discussed the same thing with another member, like to think the mantra "I'm a wolf" now and then while P-Shifting. You have to be fully relaxed. Some of the pack members says being in water helps. Don't tense up. Imagine your self shifting, and really feel all the details. M-Shift before you P-Shift. It doesn't take just one night, practice and belief make perfect. If you feel you are upon a shift, DON'T QUIT. On one of my very first nights of practicing, I actually got really far! But I was thinking 'Oh, I can do it tomorrow! Heck, I have my whole life!" because the feeling really is shocking, and quit frightening. Since then, it has been very, very hard to get back to that state and I regret not continuing. If you get to a black, empty, float-y feeling, and your numb-ish, that's good. You might feel your thoughts slipping away and feeling very distant. It's a scary feeling. Urge that feeling. That is your humanity leaving. And I do recommend to urge any sensations, numbness, and even, pain. One way to know your on the right track is if you feel sore or start to twitch a lot. Those are beginning results. Also, if you feel this prickly "layer" between the sheets, bed, whatever your laying on, your getting the results of fur, which is very good. Really, I am hoping for the handbook soon from Blaze. He has pages of information, all the information we'll ever need to complete a shift, he says. But whenever we ask, he disappears, I guess. I hope he sends it out soon. You have to believe 12536647567567% and more. If you don't, you won't. Basically all the methods on the other sites are good, but I will try to help you out.

 You'll have to have a good sense of visualization and mental concentration. Remember, don't get distracted, concentrate, believe, yes, it is to good- but it is true. Just keep M-Shifting, and get into that mindset before you attempt a shift. It will help. Be fully relaxed in a calm, dark place. Become relaxed. Once you are all comfy, don't move. Freeze. Become numb. Concentrate on your wolf self and the feel of it. Imagine your body clay, and you mold yourself into a wolf. Feel the pain. Encourage any pain, twitches, numbness, or sensations. Even dizziness. You might feel sudden snaps in some places of your body where bones are; your spine, neck, legs. Imagine, feel, a throbbing ball of energy in your chest that spreads through your whole body, transforming yourself into a wolf. Draw and write every detail of your wolf self, too. On one of my first tries I got here, and I freaked. I was scared and excited times ten. I thought, well, I have my whole life to do that again and I'll just think it over for now. So I was so happy I almost shifted, but then it took me forever to get back there. So if you get somewhere, don't procrastinate, don't panic, don't back out. Do it. Keep going. It will all work out and the results will change your life.


Vital notes: On the front paws, there is four toes. Then there is sorta a thumb, then a dew claw. On the back paws, there is only four toes. We have five fingers; poof goes your pinkie toe. Feel fur immensely.  become Inspired. Don't give up. Believe, Believe, Believe, Believe, Believe,Believe,Believe.
As I say, dear moon, belief is key. 

To M-Shift, imagine you are a wolf. Don't look AT the wolf, look THROUGH
the wolf, like you are the wolf looking through the eyes of it. Because, technically, you were, have, and will always have been this wolf, it is you. So imagine doing things as the wolf. Feel as if you are running on four legs, on the toes. Most animals walk on tiptoe, especially feline, canine, and equine creatures. See in duller color, and basically in green, red, and other basic tones. Or you don't have too- when I started to M-Shift I made it in full color. Smell and see better. Hunt, find others, run, sleep, do whatever. In my M-Shift I had a place where I went, and it just appeared. Like I didn't at all think about what it looked like, it just came at ease. Same with another thing- Once, in a field of tall yellow grass, I spied this odd looking creature- sorta saber tooth tiger-ish. I didn't make it up- it just appeared. I frightened me, but I believe in spirit guides and such, so one day I approached it in my M-Shift, and asked it for help in P-Shifting. I connected the way one would connect with another to speak telepathically...But no help so far, but I got some more realistic results on my P-Shifts. I found it actually, after my first shift, so it might've helped with the second.

 So as you can see, M-Shifting opens a whole new world. Once while laying next to my sister (who does not know anything about werewolves or my wolf experiences), and I was M-Shifting. In the M-Shift I was snapping at a butterfly  (embarrassingly enough) and I started to unconsciously started to growl. In the M-Shift on purpose, but it also showed through to my physical self. 

p-Shifting is when you attempt to transform into a wolf. You imagine yourself turning, etc.

Another little thing to remember is (this is true though) P-Shift stands for Physical/Physically Shifting, and M-Shifting stands for Mental/Mentally Shifting. I'm not sure about Native American heritage influencing the werewolf-ness or not, but I do have Cherokee and a large bit of Black Foot (I look nothing like it) and others of the pack have Native American in them too.

 5. The shift is very shocking, frightening, wonderful, a pain that is not very painful, just sort of "stretchy" (only on first time, and then it decreases- well, on my first time it was medium-like, and then on my second (my most recent shift) it had decreased. I haven't felt that much pain in half shifts or such, just sore later on.

It's sorta numbing, and you feel like you yourself are floating as a tiny cell within your whole body, swimming in blackness. Then there's this sort of high rush, and your thoughts start to slip and become distant and mutilated (seriously- as I concentrate on my wolf self in this state the picture starts to stretch, become bigger, etc, it's freaky.) You'll feel clicks and snaps in your bones, and you feel this rush of different things- smells, feelings, etc- and then the shift completes, your bones snap into place, you feel the layer of fur, you think differently, you sense differently, your body is shaped different. When I first shifted it was probably 3 in the morning, so I had to really hold my self back. It is so happy. So wonderful- it feels like you've accomplished all in life you need to be happy. I really wanted to try myself out, but I had to wait till I could be alone during the day. Yes, I was quit colorblind, but I could see, smell, hear, etc exceptionally well. It was so extraordinary, and hard to explain, see. By time it was probably 5:30 Am I curled up, thinking human thoughts (reluctantly) and fell asleep thinking them. In the morning,poof, I was a girl again. I was so happy.  

On my second time, I was able to go outside. Mmm, amazing! After (embarrassingly) 4 tries, I was finally able to catch a rabbit. It tasted so good! It really is a high, being a wolf. I can't wait to succeed it again. =) 

Here is ALL the info I have collected. I have emailed to many people asking for help, and I decided to go and put it all together. If you have comments on any of this, fine, just please don't make them savage. I'm fine with constructive criticism, but no cussing or attacking verbally or whatever please. If you don't believe in P-Shifting then don't even consider commenting, please. This is for the members that are genuinely serious. Enjoy! 

This is gathered from different sites and guides and i tried to pull only the most important things so you don't have to search for other guides i hope it helps!

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Once again, physical shape shifting is not real.

You cannot physically shapeshift.

Physically shapeshifting isn't possible, but it is possible to shift astrally. Also known as phantom shifting, this type can be achieved by meditation and practice. It is temporary and will fade eventually. But it's still interesting to truly feel those phantom limbs.

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