Call your Dragon Guardian

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This is to call upon a guardian dragon to protect anything.

Casting Instructions for 'Call your Dragon Guardian'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
There are 3 stages to it.

First, The Sudden Need Incantation:

This method is short and to the point. Usually used to protect the caster or another in a sudden crisis.

''By Dragon wing and dragon claw,
my defense is without flaw.
Shrouded by dragon might,
remove me from enemy sight.
Fly before me, Dragon bright,
and blind my foe with thy light.
Full of rage and terrible ire,
burn my assailants with Dragon Fire.''
Dark and terrible be thy wrath,
Dragon, protect me on my path.''

Second, The Short Term Protection.

This summoning is used for short term goals and needs such as protecting an object for a brief period, such as a car ride or elevator trip. Mark the object to be protected with the sign of the guardian and repeat the incantation below:

''Gentle Guardian wise and strong
keep it as it belongs.
Safe within thy charge and care,
the current venture to fare.
No harm to come or ill to befall,
guarded and safe through it all.''

Third, The Long Term Need:

This form of summoning is closer to permanent as we would perceive it. Yet in this you must still work with a time frame in mind, however distant it may be.

Guardian Dragons may be summoned in this fashion for protection of people places and things needing or deserving long term care (such as children, houses, spouses, etc). Multiple objects can be protected with but a change in grammar, but they should be together for a single dragon to protect (the objects become like a mini-horde).

''Dragon brave and Dragon wise,
let nothing escape your watchful eyes.
I call to you from your hidden lair,
(name object here) is entrusted to your care.
Permit no harm to come to ( named object),
in your presence may all evils take flight.
No baneful creature born of flesh nor spirit
may touch (name object) nor even come near it.
May those that would bring harm
be filled with fright and alarm.''


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this is fluff. dont call me a hater because im warning newbies

Sep 23, 2019
You will be [trust me on that] people don't like it when you correct their misconceptions. I commend you for trying to inform others

Oct 06, 2019
I agree with Nekoshema

May 09, 2023
It's fine, I always look at the comments first.

whats the sign of the guardian

It sounds real, but still, I have not tried it yet.. so I will trust you on that fact that it is fluff...

Dec 12, 2019
if you work with Dragons, or already know your Dragon Guardian/Guide [Guardians are younger Dragons who watch over your home, Guides are older Dragons who help you on your path. they are astral, and not physical. you will not have a physical Dragon at your beck and call] you can try these chants and see if they work for you. You can call on Dragons the same as calling on a deity, spirit, ancestor, faerie, demon, angel [so on, so forth] but with all of these beings, you need to have a relationship with them beforehand. don't just expect them to help you [imagine a stranger walked up to you and asked you to help them move. how would you react? divine beings are the same way]

As outlined this does not work. These chants might help, but saying once ''protect me, dragons'' without actually working with dragons or including any protection items will do nothing.

Hi, everyone I tried to check for my dragon guardian last night while I was laying on my bed yesterday night I feel some kind of energy flowing through my body with my eyes shut I was unable to control my body or my self then after some minutes later I saw a vision the place was dark it a little light around then I saw a shower of a dragon walking towards me then immediately something just pulled me back to life I didn't know what it was I'm just confused please can anyone shed light on what happened to me yesterday thank you

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