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Name: AgelioPuma
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Check out "Website" for my personal website about shapeshifting! Feel free to message me about anything you want to know about shifting, or anything else! I will be happy to chat with anyone curious!


Welcome to my profile. I am a werepuma(Or cougar shapeshifter, which I prefer.), and have been shifting for over 3 years.

I am nonbinary, and am a minor. I personally also practice natural magic, and some witchcraft with my mother and family. I am hoping to also broaden my horizons on natural, or energy-based magic, working with the earth and nature as my main craft.

Ive had visions of the futures in my dreams since i was little. For a long time I called it Deja Vu, but it hasnt gone away, even when Im older. Im looking into growing this ability into a way to peer into the future - and have yet to find good help. Any help at all will be appreciated.

Please note that everything I know of shapeshifting is from my personal experience, and am I in no way saying that physically shifting is possible. I am not a werewolf either. Consider what I speak of as more of... a therianthropic path of identity.

There is no guarantee that anyone can just shapeshift magically into a werewolf on day one (that's virtually impossible) nor that you will be able to physically shift if you just "follow the methods". Shapeshifting is a personal journey, and physical shifting, although one of the most desired shifts of all, is a very tiny part of shifting in itself. Its also the most annoying shift because everyone likes to fight about it. Only you can figure it out on your own, and although people will offer guidance, (which I wouldn't recommend getting from here)only you can really figure out what you are, how to shift, and if this journey is right for you.