Ki Blast




Ki blast.

Spell Casting

Step 1

   Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing the opponent.

Step 2

   Put both of your hands next to each other, with your palms facing the opponent. You should now look like a letter 'r'.

Step 3

   Make a Ki sheild in front of your palms.

Step 4

   Programme this shield to attract Ki, like a magnet. Do this by thinking in your head and directing your thoughts towards it.

Step 5

   Visualize Ki flowing towards the magnet and hovering in front of it.

Step 6

   Use your will power and visualization to make the magnet spin around clockwise. This will cause the Ki attracted by the magnet to spin aswell.

Step 7

   Bring Ki up to your palms.

Step 8

   Fire the Ki out of you palms like a Ki blast. The magnet will move with the force of the Ki blast, and the Ki attracted by the magnet will move aswell. When the attack hits the opponent, the magnet will hit first, causing damage and attracting more Ki from him/her to join the Ki behind the magnet. Then the attracted Ki will hit, causing more damage. Finally, the Ki blast will hit him/her causing even more damage.
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