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Name: Shadowblitz
Birthday: Sep 2003
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Gender: Female
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  • I don't mind idle chat, just don't send me anything sexual/romantic. This is a site to practice magic, not to find a girl/boyfriend.

I enjoy drawing, playing video games, and reading. I am a polytherian. I play my bass guitar in my free time, enjoy Vocaloid and a variety of music, and I also like Eddsworld (Favorite character= either Tord or Edd). I am an OC maker, meaning I create characters for people just because I can (and because I have WAY too much free time!) I'm pretty new to magic, so i'm not up for teaching people, but I always welcome any advice people are willing to share! I'm usually off working on a character, drawing or practicing, but I try my best to respond to people as quickly as I can!
(almost forgot! I'm a big Slender Man person. I know it may sound childish or something along those lines when I say this but, I do believe he's real . Okay that's enough rambling from me, have a great day and shine that beautiful smile of yours!)