Channeling a Deity

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This is how you can communicate a with a deity. It's widely practiced among different religions to connect and communicate with their deity.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Mind
  • A quiet place
  • Confidence

Casting Instructions for 'Channeling a Deity'

First, start by clearing your mind. We want to make room for the deity. Second, call upon the diety of your choice. If you haven't already, it would be more beneficial to offer your deity something as an invitation or a token to them. It could be a food, a trinket, anything!


You must have confidence to succeed at channeling. Without confidince, you won't know if it's the deity talking to you or your yourself talking to yourself.


Feel the dieties energy descend upon you. Let yourself be wrapped up. Let the deity into your mind. Remember, keep a clear mind. You will know when the deity talks or does something.


Do not dissmiss a deity. When you are done with talking, just give your thanks and let the diety be.


Good luck to you.

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Thank you i am going to try to use this spell for sobek wish me luck

I have always wanted to know why we do not dismiss a deity. Could you explain? Thank you

Jun 15, 2019
I am not sure why this spell stresses this. You need to be respectful and at the end of the ritual you should say something along the lines of "thank you (deity) for being present in my circle, I wish you well on your journey home" you are not exactly kicking them out but you are saying goodbye as they leave your space. Deity is welcome in our home at all time, so technically they are with us always and in circle we are speaking directly to them. Telling them to essentially "get out" is simply disrespectful. Deity is welcome in our lives, they can reach out to use and use them at any time, so it just feels insulting to tell them to leave. Some deities would understand if you said "thank you for your time, please go away" but others would get offended and can get aggressive. They are not evil, they just feel it is an opportunity to teach you a lesson. Just be polite, say thanks, wish them a safe trip home, and leave it at that. Think about when you are saying goodbye to a friend, do you slam the door in their face or do you walk and talk for a bit and stand in the doorway, hug or handshake, wave as they walk to their car, and wait for them to drive off?

Jun 15, 2019
*reach out to us and us them. I am on my phone for once, sorry for the autocorrection.

How do you give them a gift and can it be a full water bottle

Aug 23, 2019
yes, it can.

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