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Name: WraithUndead
Location: pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 10 Jun 2024
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A LITTLE ABOUT ME- I am an artist and I enjoy astral projection and lucid dreaming a lot. I have been an occultist for 8 years. I lead a local cult (Olithea) and I love to teach beginners about the occult.
MAIL- your very welcome to message me if theres anything you need to know i can probably answer it i work with 5 goetia demons so if its information in that topic i can sure handle it as well as healing and ap yanno dreaming sort of things
or if you need a friend ill talk to you and listen to your stories.
PATH- i am currently in the middle i do both left hand and right hand and have for years. i studied egyptian culture and their gods and have read the emerald tablets 3 times, i studied hindu path and chakras and have learned alot about that as well as catholic and christianity, read the quran, I love Greek mythology and was a satanist for my first two years and now i am studying thelema.
Topics I am well versed in and Practice
*Astral Projection
*Dream Walking
*Emerald Tablets
*Controlling Vibrations
*Aura Seeing/ Aurakenisis
*Various Religions
*Spell Creation and Use
note: the studies i have picked up since i became priest of Penta Magic include astrophysics, history, and foreign language.