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"I know where Odin's eye is hidden,

Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir;

Mead from the pledge of Odin each morn

Does Mimir drink: would you know yet more?"

- Voluspa 29

More about The Path of the Shaman

Welcome to Path of the Shaman!

"A shaman is a person who can travel back and forth between the human realm and realms of spirits. Although it can be physically strenuous, this is spiritual traveling. Shamanism involves [spirit] traveling, usually while entranced.

What do shamans do? They may battle or socialize with spirits. They retrieve missing pieces of other people's souls. They travel to other realms to obtain needed information, like how to heal illness or avert disasters.

Some shamanize just to commune with spirits, but shamans also serve their communities. Traditionally, communities provided economic support for a shaman so that they were able to devote themselves to this task full-time. It is an eminently practical system: as with spirits, shamans are patronized as long as they demonstrate results. If the ailing consistently fail to recover, if the weather is consistently bad, if the crops fail, if the spirits seem unhappy, another more successful shaman will be found.

The word shaman is a Tungus word (Tungus is an indigenous Siberian language), and shamanism is closely identified with cultures of the extreme north. However, shamans exist wherever people do. There is no specific English word to express this concept, and so the Tungus word has entered our language and become somewhat generic.

Shamans are traditionally called by the spirits to work with them; they are chosen. Lengthy preparation and study is typically involved. This is not something that can be learned over a weekend, although certainly some techniques may be relatively easily acquired.

  • Shamans may learn secret spirit languages.
  • They may possess special songs or chants that open gates of spirit realms.
  • They may work with their own personal spirit guides, unknown to other people."

~ The Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes, Pages 99-100

Our Coven:

Path of the Shaman is a close coven, a collection of friends in different stages of their practice. We offer community and support to our coven members.

As a diverse group, everyone does their own form of research and spiritual practice. Our goal is to form a group of family and friends from a variety of practices, all seeking a connection. While posting essays, spells, and holding classes are welcomed, they are not required.

Here, we can have a relaxed community based on hospitality and kinship.

How to Apply:

  • You must have a profile picture and a descriptive bio.
  • Fill out the application bellow and mail it to NorseHippie and ThRaginPagan. If you do not fill out an application and send it to both Leadership, but you have applied anyways, you WILL be automatically rejected.

We look forward to having you with us!


1.) Please write down your name, age, and length of practice.

2.) What made you want to practice what you are practicing now? How does it incorperate into your life and what does it mean to you?

3.) Why do you want to join Path of the Shaman?

4.) Please list all current covens, previous covens that you have been apart of as well as current and past usernames.

5.) Are you able to be active by participating in the forums, discussions, chatter, and outside activities such as Skype?

7.) Tell us about yourself.

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