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I am Gerry a tech expert and a professional driver that too am a hybrid and I've got super powers Unlike a Demigod though still learning the gift Of nature. DEMIGODGERRY "The Hybrid" In the land of myth and the time of magic, the destiny of a great nation lies on the shoulders of a young hybrid... his name "Gerry". He was born a half breed part mortal and part immortal which made him a Demigod in the world and in his country. He has lived for ages and was reborn in 1 of the dreaded region known as South-West region the land of myth. In his reign he has been doing his father beedings and still till the age of extinction. He was loved by every mortal in all regions, and lived up to centuries but stopped ageing at 20years. The age of mankind was soon coming to an end which he was send by the CREATOR to safe the good from the wicked before judgement day known as the age of extinction. Being a hybrid consist of 2 things a vampire and a warewolf which he was made of all and more, he had ultimate powers and could do unspeakable weird things including resurrecting the dead. He drinks blood but mainly feed on food especially at midnight(12:00am) and ice kept him going. As a Demigod he was able to survive in all standard an as a hybrid his weakness was sunlight though he could sustain it and draws strength from the moon but not for long. He's yet to merge his warewolf abilities which will happen someday but untill then he can't turn into a wolf yet. At midnight when the moon is full he draws in energy especially at lunar eclips (blood moon). He can not be killed nor destroyed unless it's the will of his father the CREATOR. He existed since the 90's-date, being the fears dangerous creature of his kind in the universe. There are other vampires in the world but none like him unlike most tried to kill him but failed cause he is 3 in 1. He love and protects those close to him from physical and spiritul dangers. Above all he is royalty in the lineage of the Galega family. Demons tried to kill him but were all extinct for being an enemy to Demigod was being an enemy to GOD himself the CREATOR of the universe. Gerry was an is still living as you read this for his reign is inevitable.! MAGICALSPELLS "Weird Things" When all seems lost follow the path which you seek only there will you find the light you seek make a dark day seems bright.!