Werewolf Alpha

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The real werewolf spell to become an Alpha.

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf Alpha'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Full Moon.
  • Strong belife.
  • Forest (optional).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Full Moon.
  • Strong belife.
  • Forest (optional).
Greetings... Today I am giving you a ''Werewolf Alpha'' spell. Before you start I'm going to explain what the term Alpha Means: Just like wolves who lives in packs have leaders, the leader is called 'The Alpha'. An Alpha controls his pack and his words is a law to his pack, everyone in his pack obeys his demands. So now when your familliar with the term Alpha im going to give you the spell.

When you are in the forest at night make sure you have the full moon shining at you face (it must be dark), Say this 10 times with the moon on your face without failing:
By the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further
transformed into cunning beasts from the circle of life to the evolution of man I shall be
reawakened as one with the land.
Howls are heard from far and near.
The moon shines on the pack. Running,howling,
barking, fierce as the cold snow.
Make me as I was meant to be,a werewolf dark as night.
This is my will so shall it be!
To shift to what's now going to be inside me,
I will Be most powerful with my pack. All my
Senses will Be 100 times better than a regular
human, my eyes red, fangs and claws. This is my will, So Mote It Be!

Side effects:
As an Alpha, You will be able to turn others into werewolves by biting them or injecting your blood into there system.
Your eyes will turn red sometimes.
You will grow claws sometimes.
You will grown long fangs sometimes.
You will turn into a werewolf when its the full moon (also when your are asleep).
You will have an uncontrolable anger.
Memory loss from transformations the first times.
Urges to be in the forest.
Urges to turn people into Werewolves and build a pack.
Super Strong.
Super Fast.
Better hearing.
Better senses.
Better hearing.
Urges to howl,bark,growl.
Better body.
If there is any more sideeffects please email me or kik me(ekee333).

Hope you will like being an Alpha,
Note: You will be ables to control your abillites by time, so be patient.

Please rate this spell 5 stars ***** so more peoble can see this! Thank you for your time, blessed be.



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Looks easy but danger of my family I think :-P

Feb 15, 2019
This spell is fake, we cannot become a different species with magick, especially not a mythical creature.

So, I'm with HearthWitch and Nekoshema on this. You cannot physically turn into and manifest as a creature. Magick doesn't work that way. What you're discussing in this spell is something Hollywood would portray, which makes our true system of magick come across as false and fake. If you were to discuss this as a past life or even in astral projection, etc, then it would probably work, but this is by far not something that can really happen

I do not believe this solely because they spelled belief wrong.

What will happen if I did this on my dog

Nov 11, 2019

You cannot physically transform into a werewolf.

you cannot turn yourself into anything other than a human :/

From my understanding, you can make physical transformations through magic if they are in alignment with nature. You might use it to help you get skinnier or more muscular, or maybe change your hair or eye color. I've personally practiced with making my chin sharper and it worked, my boyfriend noticed it without me telling him what I did. However, attempting to transform into another creature contradicts nature and will not work. So maybe a spell like this could give you the attributes associated with an alpha wolf (strength, courage, intelligence, etc.) but not the physical transformation.

Sep 02, 2021
Even those don't change you physically, they can appear to at first glance, but, it's kind of like when you see something, you look again and it's gone, and you dismiss it as your eyes playing tricks on you. Anyway, I don't think you'll even get the attributes of an alpha wolf from this spell, let alone becoming one.

No. No. Absolutely not. *Sighs* This will not work (read Nekoshema and HearthWitch's explanations)

There is no such thing as an ''Alpha'' let alone an ''Alpha wolf''. Rudolph Schenkel- the man who coined the term, always regretted the term ''alpha'', as the pack leader is interchangeable depending on the packs needs. Dr. L. David Mech, popularized the term, farther. There is a whole big study on it. http://davemech.org/wolf-news-and-information/schenkels-classic-wolf-behavior-study-available-in-english/

You cannot become a werewolf.

This is in no way possible to become a werewolf. Because you simply cannot become one.Magic doesn't work this way. It may wrok astrally but not physically.

Oct 22, 2022
It works Astrally I've done it

Nov 19, 2022
It does not work. You are human. You will stay human.

Wont work. You are human, and human you will stay. You can change on the Astrial plane.

I'm not sure which is more distressing; the fact that people without any clear basis of knowledge of Witchcraft can throw these 'spells' up here, or the fact that they keep becoming the highest rated spells on SOM's Forums. Let's ignore the fact that you can't become a Werewolf for a second. Complex spells like this require tremendous amounts of Focus and Energy to pull off. Few people--especially the types who desire to be a Werewolf, which is just another form of trying to wish your problems away instead of dealing with them--have neither of those attributes in abundance. Further, such a complex spell would likely require a great deal of paraphernalia to pull off--no, not that kind of paraphernalia, though that is likely the quickest way to achieve success with this 'spell'--as the paraphernalia is a means of acquiring that Focus to help with more complicated spells such as this.(As opposed to the other 'paraphernalia' I mentioned, which gets you high.) While I do believe that many of the side-effects can occur--colored contact lenses for the eyes, prop nails for the claws, etc.--they will not occur simply as the result of saying these words, no matter how much intent you put behind them. Even if I for once entertained the idea that one could become a Werewolf in real life, such a 'spell,' lacking all manner of Ritual, I would laugh off as a bad joke. While I encourage people to their own beliefs, no matter how Absurd I find them, these types of 'spells'--even if conveyed in jest--have the potential for serious real-world ramifications. People drawn to these 'spells' tend to be troubled mentally, and tend to be looking for a way to escape life's problems with an easy out. Further, they can also cause harm to people physically by exposing them to dangerous environments and practices. This kind of posting on SOM needs to be highly discouraged, and as part of the most common form of discouragement available on SOM for these types of articles, I will join the others in voicing my displeasure that someone has been thoughtless and cruel enough to post such a 'spell.'

One word can explain this whole spell. No.

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