Werewolf Alpha

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The real werewolf spell to become an Alpha.

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf Alpha'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Full Moon.
  • Strong belife.
  • Forest (optional).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Full Moon.
  • Strong belife.
  • Forest (optional).
Greetings... Today I am giving you a ''Werewolf Alpha'' spell. Before you start I'm going to explain what the term Alpha Means: Just like wolves who lives in packs have leaders, the leader is called 'The Alpha'. An Alpha controls his pack and his words is a law to his pack, everyone in his pack obeys his demands. So now when your familliar with the term Alpha im going to give you the spell.

When you are in the forest at night make sure you have the full moon shining at you face (it must be dark), Say this 10 times with the moon on your face without failing:
By the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further
transformed into cunning beasts from the circle of life to the evolution of man I shall be
reawakened as one with the land.
Howls are heard from far and near.
The moon shines on the pack. Running,howling,
barking, fierce as the cold snow.
Make me as I was meant to be,a werewolf dark as night.
This is my will so shall it be!
To shift to what's now going to be inside me,
I will Be most powerful with my pack. All my
Senses will Be 100 times better than a regular
human, my eyes red, fangs and claws. This is my will, So Mote It Be!

Side effects:
As an Alpha, You will be able to turn others into werewolves by biting them or injecting your blood into there system.
Your eyes will turn red sometimes.
You will grow claws sometimes.
You will grown long fangs sometimes.
You will turn into a werewolf when its the full moon (also when your are asleep).
You will have an uncontrolable anger.
Memory loss from transformations the first times.
Urges to be in the forest.
Urges to turn people into Werewolves and build a pack.
Super Strong.
Super Fast.
Better hearing.
Better senses.
Better hearing.
Urges to howl,bark,growl.
Better body.
If there is any more sideeffects please email me or kik me(ekee333).

Hope you will like being an Alpha,
Note: You will be ables to control your abillites by time, so be patient.

Please rate this spell 5 stars ***** so more peoble can see this! Thank you for your time, blessed be.



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Looks easy but danger of my family I think :-P

Feb 15, 2019
This spell is fake, we cannot become a different species with magick, especially not a mythical creature.

this is real if we do a strong belief.You don't khow anything about magick Hearthwitch.

Mar 23, 2019
Didn't you comment on a spell to become a witch? HearthWitch is speaking the truth, magick cannot contradict nature, so transformation spells like this don't work.

Sep 23, 2019
Even a strong belief can't accomplish certain things. It's great that you have a lot of confidence though. But can you try to be nicer?

Sep 23, 2019
That comment was for WizardSavvy

Oct 14, 2019
you can't transform into another species but you can take on the caracteristics of a werewolf.

So, I'm with HearthWitch and Nekoshema on this. You cannot physically turn into and manifest as a creature. Magick doesn't work that way. What you're discussing in this spell is something Hollywood would portray, which makes our true system of magick come across as false and fake. If you were to discuss this as a past life or even in astral projection, etc, then it would probably work, but this is by far not something that can really happen

I do not believe this solely because they spelled belief wrong.

Can I do it in my house

Jul 14, 2019
It doesn't matter, this is fake and doesn't work, magick doesn't do physical transformations because it contradicts nature, which magick doesn't do.

Wait well why would he put this spell on the site if he knows it works I mean clearly not everyone knows werewolves exist why do people just assume they dont I know it's weird but hey I believe in werewolves

Sep 18, 2019
Nekoshema can you please stop telling people that their beliefs are fake? There are children on this site and that could hurt their self esteem. Also though you probably couldn't turn into a wolf it could be a vision, hallucinations, personal choices, etc...

Sep 18, 2019
If there are children on the site they're breaking the site rules since they need to be at least 13 to join. Regardless, why do you think its fine to lie to children? I refer to physical transformation specifically. If someone works with astral beings, or uses meditation that's fine, but the vast majority of people who seek werewolf spells aren't looking for a spiritual journey to connect with a spirit, but to transform into a werewolf because ''it's cool'' and you cannot physically transform

Sep 23, 2019
Technically ages 18 and under are children. And I don't think that it is fine to lie to children. They may try the spell if they wish to but as I said, what they believe is their own business. But I have seen your comments on this site a lot and though I respect your opinions, beliefs and wisdom, I think that you could be a little nicer when explaining things like this. Not every one has the same state of mind that you do. Telling people that things that they do are ok compared to something else they do has a dark undertone that you have control over the things they do.

Sep 23, 2019
i comment on many spells and forums daily, and the majority of them is repeating myself. this may be why i occasionally come across as ''mean'' it's not fun standing by a stove telling people it's hot, here's the long explanation why, then someone calls you mean and touches the stove, and gets madder at you when they're burned. so eventually you just skip the long one and go ''hot stove, no touching'' but you still can't win because, now you're apparently being even meaner. one would hope once a person is above the age of 13 they would know a few basic things, and be able to handle someone stating a fact [you can't physically transform, save yourself some energy and look into astral projection instead] but too many members seem to only read the first half and get mad. so at the end of the day, i can't win, regardless of my approach someone will make the assumption i'm mean/negative/hater and argue me. i still enjoy explaining why spells do/don't work, and pointing people in a direction to help guide them to a path perfect for them [even if people send me hateful messages on a daily basis, i still get one new person who i helped, so it's worth it to me] point is, i'm just stating a fact, it's your choice to ignore it, argue it, or disprove it. i'm not a fan of arguing with people [i'm considering this a conversation] if you or anyone i'm speaking with crosses the line into ''argument'' i walk away, i have better things to do, and i would hope everyone else does too, so if you still believe in physical transformation despite what i and other users have explained, then go about your day. none of us are going to track you down and force you to change, ''here's the facts, do with them as you will'' is my stance.

Oct 15, 2019
Thank you for the information and i will try to keep that in mind next time.

Dis spell is spam you cant make ur self change into a werewolf. This person either doesnt know how magic works or hes just stupid and thinks that magic isnt real and this is just a roleplay site.

No offence just tellin you facts.

What will happen if I did this on my dog

Nov 11, 2019

Spells can't tern u into a werewolf letalon a alpha werewolf.

I am a werewolf because I was bitten but nekoshema thinks I'm role-playing witch is a lie. If I was role-playing I would say from a spell.

Mar 28, 2020
Werewolves aren't physical beings, you could claim anything changed you. You could say you found magical wolf skins and that's what makes you transform and it would still be considered roleplaying because werewolves are astral beings. You could be an otherkin, but it's spiritual, not physical. You could work with werewolves, animal spirits or animal totems, you could believe you can mentally, astrally, or spiritually shift from human to wolf, but it isn't possible to physically transform from human to wolf. Regardless of how you claim it happened, you are not a physical werewolf.

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