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I'm gonna give a little article on Tarot, Oracle, & Divination. I've seen many but I'm gonna give a lengthy detail and I'll even add some of the major arcana but not all.

First, your deck has most likely been purchased. This means multiple people have handled and touched the deck, meaning their energies would have impacted it. Unfortunately you don't know how the many people who touched your deck were feeling their energies. Even in a store setting people have definitely picked up and touched that deck. Cleanse it. Obviously water isn't a visible option. So use either sunlight, moonlight, smoke, sound or crystal cleansing. For Crystal cleansing I recommend using either Selenite or Kyanite. The next day open up your deck, look at your cards. Hold them. Look at the guidebook. If your new to tarot you will obviously need help remembering everything and every oracle deck is unique and different with new cards to memorize. You can get one of those "get to know your deck spreads as well.

An intuitive trick for Oracle Reading:
What the guide book says is just the basics. A single card is as complex as a person and will be used differently in different situations. As always consider what the guidebooks says in the reading. Notice how the card feels.Does it give you a bad vibe? A good one? A calm one? Figure it out. Then look at any quotes or words written on the card. A good deck shouldn't have much writing on it, an what is there should be direct and up front. How important does this writing feel? What sticks out as important? Look at the picture and see what sticks out the most. Do you notice a lot of green or black? What do these colors symbolize and how would that relate to your question? Also notice symbols and objects. A tower sticking out or noticing a specific squirrel on a tree would mean something. Figure out what said thing symbolizes but also don't be afraid to use you intuition to also help guide to you with it. When you have done all of this with every card, just notice the vie you feel. Don't ignore it a bad vibe even with mostly positive good cards could easily mean a bad unwanted outcome or answer to your question. Don't resist. Just accept it and try to work with it.

Developing Skill:
The best way to develop your reading skills is to actively use your cards however you can.This involves using your cards for divination and on daily basis, which often can be used in the form of a daily card or daily spread.

The Fool: The Fool's card is a card of child like wonder. It's starting new journey. It's optimisim without being stupid. It's living the joy of life and not being afraid to back down. It's card of victory and happiness. A more spiritual sense, it's finding and being happy with your calling.

The Magician: This card is directly related to magick in all it's forms. It's about connection between the material and divine. The Magician directly represents divine power of the Tarot. This card also shows will power and is great to pull if you're manifesting since its's the card of manifestation.

The High Priestess: The only card to possibly surpass the Magician, The High Priestess represents perfect harmony, duality, and high spiritually. This card understands the secrets of the world showing skilled intuition and divine power.

The Empress: Is a card of love fertility, abundance. It embodies the joy of life and love.

The Emperor: Related to the Empress, the Emperor embodies power, responsibility and ambition. It shows power over one's life and a great card to grab in concerns to manifestation and breakthroughs.

The Hierophant: Is a card of spiritually but is one focusing on the religious aspect of it. Pulling this card would be a good sign of well aligned spiritually and divine connections.

The Lovers: For romantic love, it also symbolizes friendship, creativity and over all happiness.

The Chariot: A card of victory in all forms. Whether it be verbal, physical romantic, financial, etcpulling this card is a sign of any endeavor/risk being taking turning out successful.

Strength or Justice: A card of well, strength, would come in many forms but mostly concerns emotional mental strength. Rooted in instinctual balance within oneself and being level-headed enough to stand up against any challenge.

The Hermit: The Hermit displaying an elderly person is a card of wisdom. Can also be applied to general knowledge and spiritually showing you're ready for the next steps on you journey with some added independence as the hermit purposefully goes about their life alone.

The Wheel of Fortune: Destiny, fortune, success, elevation, luck, felicity. A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the querent's life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich.

The Hanged Man: Wisdom, circumspection, discernment, trials, sacrifice, intuition, divination, prophecy.

Death: End, mortality, destruction, corruption; also, for a man, the loss of a benefactor; for a woman, many contrarieties; for a maid, failure of marriage projects

Temperance: Economy, moderation, frugality, management, accommodation. Things connected with churches, religions, sects, the priesthood, sometimes even the priest who will marry Querent; also disunion, unfortunate combinations, competing interests.

The Devil: Ravage, violence, vehemence, extraordinary efforts, force, fatality; that which is predestined but is not for this reason evil.

The Tower: Misery, distress, indigence, adversity, calamity, disgrace, deception, ruin. It is a card in particular of unforeseen catastrophe.

The Star: Loss, theft, privation, abandonment; another reading says--hope bright prospects,

The Moon: Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, occult forces, error.

The Sun: This card is generally considered positive. It is said to reflect happiness and contentment, vitality, self-confidence and success.

Judgement: Rebirth, inner-calling, absolution, Karma, causality, and second chance.

The World: Assured success, recompense, voyage, route, emigration, flight, change of place.

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