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How to read tarot or other things using numbers.

Tarot by number

While everyone has their own way of reading the Tarot and no one way is rite for everyone nor is one definition rite for everyone, I find understanding the meaning of the numbers to be beneficial. If you can develop a number system, you can use regular playing card instead of Tarot cards. Under the same principal, you can use dice. Either way, it opens opportunities for you to make use of things you may find in a nearby store and the price for cards and dice are much lower than the coast associated with purchasing Tarot cards. The fact that playing cards and dice are more acceptable in terms of society is a plus as well.

These are just my interpretation of the number system and I?m sure others may not agree, but it will give you a foundation if you wish to form your own system.

Number One the Ace

The number one always signifies the beginning of something. Depending on the query, it could represent the beginning of a relationship, job or the initial action that was taken. Sometimes this card can represents creativity in the sense that you may as been creative in beginning the project.

If the Ace comes up favorable meaning in a positive up rite position the beginning of whatever the act was in the beginning was very positive. If the card came up negative or reversed it means that the beginning didn?t turn out so well or the results of the beginning action didn?t or won?t turn out as well as pland. This also means if no action is taken to beginning result will continue to hinder the rest of the relationship or job for whatever it may be.


Two always appears to be a number of unification, birth, improvement regarding the question. When the number two comes up in a reading it generally means that there?s about to be a second factor that will or has entered into the situation. Whether this factor is another person another event coming in or even a circumstance that was previously unknown the number two signifies that would ever it is will have a large impact on the rest of the events occurring.

If the card is in a positive upright position, the newly entering event should be highly beneficial to you. In its upright position the new event will help you avoid downfalls and reach are intended goal. If the card is negative or reversed, the new factor will more than likely work against you. This new factor coming in to the union may prevent you from accomplishing your end goal and it can bring with it many detrimental issues that could cause you to lose valuable time.


The number three is the outcome of an event and how it appears to take form. One plus two equals three and if you have a new beginning you add to it a union you will get a form. This represents the cumulative effect, but not always final ones depending on how it is placed in a reading. This is the infancy of the project.

If the card is positive it means the project or matter in question is going well even if it had not been that way earlier on. If this card is negative, it means that things are going to start going wrong even if they started out well.


Four is the number of hard work and intellect in carefully planning for all things. This means things or situations have become clear. This is when you have to work hard and be efficient with careful planning to turn your venture into what you want it to be. If you are happy with the situation, you want to work hard to keep it as it is. If you don?t like the position you?re in you have to work even harder to get things under control and make it as you want it to be. Four is also the number of sudden events or unconventional out of the box manners of operating. It means a new factor will enter the picture and change almost everything for either good or bad regardless of how hard you have worked and planned up to that point.

If the card is positive the change will be for the best and if it is in a negative position the change will be a negative one. If the cards around this car are good it will negate the effects of the bumpy road ahead.


Five is the card of movement bringing adventure and excitement to the seeker. People see this card as good, but a person serving overseas can have adventure and excitement as well.

If the five card comes up positive you can expect the results to be good of the situations to come. If the card is negative you can expect turmoil and discord in your coming life and maybe even ruins of everything you?ve worked for.


Six is the number of balance, peace harmony, adjustments and activities. This number can also represent love and romance.

If the reading is positive, this can mean a period of peace after a great period of high activity and excitement. Whatever the issue was or is currently it will begin to clear up around this time. Whether the issue involved other people or the issue was in your mind, it will start to clear up.


The number seven is a card of internal peace, introspection, solitude and an inner journey of soul searching and reflection. This signifies a time when a person has to sincerely reflect on how and why events have occurred in the past that may have led to or contributed to the way things are at present.

If the card is positive in a reading, it indicates you may have one of those light bulb moments or aha moments when things become clear and suddenly an event works out well. If the card is in a negative position it indicates you?re fooling yourself in making bad choices thereby getting yourself in over your head. If this is the case you could be taking a leap of faith. It?s always a good idea to be certain of your faith, whether that faith is in others, the divine influence, certain events, or even your faith in yourself you must make sure that this faith is justified.


The number eight represents knowledge through experience and how efficiently a person uses past knowledge applying it to present day situations. This number is also one of energy, caution, and discipline within one self as well as security. The security could be financially or it could also be worldly and physical.

If this card is in a positive position whatever you are moving toward should have a good out come and you should act on it. In the positive spread, this should be the time to move ahead in the world to take in the opportunities presented with strength, assertiveness and energy. If this card is in a negative position then the circumstances your in or about to become involved in, will be exigent and could present a burden bring you unhappiness possibly even despair.


The number nine represents the number of wholeness or completeness. Whatever the issue is or the series of events have been they have now reached or are in the process of reaching an end. Whether this outcome is good or bad doesn?t really seem to matter. Everything at this point is beginning to become clear. The number nine is also card that represents types of vulnerabilities and simplicity or inexperience.

If the card comes up positive in the reading even though the issue or events have reached a conclusion, there?s still some time to take another action. This can be seen as an attempt of salvaging something from the destruction of a bad situation. If this card comes up negative in a reading the means even though you?ve done what you needed to do in the task there is still a possibility that there?s a vital point you have overlooked. It also signifies the possibility that someone or something may enter into the picture in the last minute and bring everything down in shambles.


The number ten represents both a beginning and an ending. If this card indicates an ending, as for good or bad, whatever it is that you have been involved in for quite some time, is coming to an end. This card represents information one needs to know in order to move on in their life, especially if the situation was devastating. And from a different perspective, this card also informs one that if they are satisfied with the outcome to leave it be and if they are not happy with it, they must act and not wait too long.

Given ten is a compound number it also signifies a new beginning, extreme responses such as love or hatred, pried or fear, rise and fall, or good and evil. This is not a card of middle ground but one or the other maybe switching back and forth. After every ending, a new beginning commences.

If the card is in a positive position you know that you?ll be able to move on from where you live now with security as well as honor. If the card is in a negative position the series of events coming next will have a negative impact on the person in any gains can disappear.

If this card represents people, the people?s influence on the situation or events are interpreted. If the card represents a situation, circumstance or events, it?s generally read by the compound numbers.


The number 11 signifies conflict and opposites; in some cases even treachery can be involved. This can be two people that have opposite goals in life or in the situation or two opposing situations that a person is involved in.

If the card is positive in the reading the issues between the people or relating to the situation can be resolved with or without aid. The resolution can lead to a happy or tolerable future. If the card is negative, you should brace yourself for some bad news further complications and a great deal of stress.


The twelve card is often seen as the number of sacrifices. The sacrifice itself can be on the part of the person having to give up something important or another involved can give something up to aid the person. It?s generally thought the act of the third party would be dun unselfishly, but this is not always the case. The bad side indicates there are plans going on behind the scenes that you may not know about, yet you are about to become involved in regardless of whether you want to or not.

If the reading is positive you?re more likely going to learn something positive and or benefit from the situation in a positive manner. If the reading is negative that means that people that are involved may be working for their own interests and there?s a pretty good possibility you?re being used. If this be the case, it will be necessary for you to continue to be alert and understand situations. This also indicates the people working for you may appear to be enemies while those people who are actually enemies may pretend to be on your side. It is important to be alert issues and beware of false flattery by those who may use you to gain their own ends means. There?s an old saying for-warned is for-armed, this meaning applies to the situation.


While the number 13 has been labeled an unlucky number this is not intrinsically accurate. The number 13 shows will all people may exist its existence is there some new ground can be broken. The number 13 shows turmoil it is the number of regeneration when the new rises from the ashes of the old. 13 is a very powerful number advising the subject to tread very carefully as if the power is not used wisely or is used selfishly it can lead to one?s own destruction.

If the number comes up favorable in a reading, the negative is being washed away to allow for the good that will soon be coming in. If the number 13 comes up negatively in a reading, it?s most likely that the destruction will result with forces working against you. The turmoil created even for positive results will not be pleasant, but if you can see where it? will end, it?s something you can live with. Should this card signify that your entire world is going to be turned upside down just for spite, you?re going to need to gather all your energy and fight back fiercely.


The number 14 is the number of challenges and changes however it is also the number of luck. The changes in this allegory are what will create the challenges. The changes can be continuous whether they be gains or losses and each shall be temporary. In the constant fluctuation, you?ll be challenged to your full abilities in order to survive. Hear, you?re told to tread lightly and be cautions in dealing with people that are in power, as they could be either for or against you. People in power often have their own agendas to deal with first. This card means to rely on onesself instead of depending on others around you for assistance, even if be there job to assist. The luck involved in the number 14 can include money and in projects that can bring in money, but there?s always a danger of losses due to the wrong move or of others bed advice. There could also be overconfidence in ones-self.

If this card is positive in a reading, you will likely meet your challenges and succeed. In the process of your success, you will become stronger and more self sufficient. If this card comes up negative in a reading, it?s more than likely you let yourself be used and or fail in your efforts. Regardless of which this may be, you will face an almost definite defeat.





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